Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What a Week!!!!

With all the campaign hoop-la we have not much time to spend just being together as a family.
Sunday, we went to the farm to do just that!
We made doughnuts for breakfast ~ the kids were SO impressed that I knew how to do this! ;)
I LOVE the new outdoor kitchen ~ but when we are ready to fry...I REALLY love it! Keeps the fry smell out! 
We shook them up and were ready to roll!!! 
After a great breakfast (we grilled sausage too!) we went to ride the 4 wheelers ~
Dalton had to teach Jax how to jump off something ~ one of life's lessons! 
We did nothing but ride ~ but we had the BEST time! There is a HUGE hill and the kids love to go down it FAST ~ no one wants to ride with me because they say I drive too slow! Therefore no one wanted me to ride with me!!! 
It was SUCH a fun day! 
Both children have learned to drive the 4 wheelers! We of course are on with them, but they are learning. Jackson is dying for one of his own! 
After riding, the boys went to practice shooting skeet and Mary Dalton & I swam! Jackson had the best time with his Daddy! 

We met back up at the farm afterwards and Mike and Gigi came out to join us for crab legs ~ they were sooooo good!!! The kids ate more than we did!!!
By the time we headed home...they were BEYOND tired!!!

Monday we hung around here and got ready for Dalton's election. Mary Dalton wrote her Daddy this note:
That may be the SWEETEST note I have ever read! She is such an encourager and is so sweet spirited. We are so blessed to have her.

The election was a LONG day to say the least. To make a REALLY long day super short, Dalton was 0.44% behind his opponent. They have issued a recount because it was too close to call.
Of course we were upset/disappointed.  We worked really hard and sacrificed a LOT ~ a lot of money, a lot of time, family things, going to the coast, etc. But I can say that Dalton ran an HONEST race. I am SO PROUD of the work he put into it. He gave 110%. I did not want to hear "God knows what is best." "God is in control."I just wanted to be mad and be left alone. I was angry.  I wanted to go find the ignorant people who did not go vote and shake them until their teeth rattle!!! We have been told he lost by 18 and then by 3. That's a crappy. End of story.

We knew going into the election that we had several factors working aganist a small town EVERYTHING comes into play in an election...from where I work, to where we live, to what your parents do, etc. And to put it lightly...we have many of these going aganist us...
There are still a lot of questions we have and would like answers (that we may never get)...
at the end of the day we both know that
1.) God does know what is best for our family. Maybe this job would not be a blessing, but hinder our family or marriage in some way.  We don't know, but we have to trust.
2.) We have 49.77% of our countycame out and  supported us and for that we are thankful! We have GREAT friends!
3.) We made some NEW  friends (and LOTS of memories!)  that we otherwise would not have made.
4.) We may have lost the election, but we each have both of parents in good health, WE are in good health and our CHILDREN are in good health. I was having a pity party this a.m. and looked on facebook and saw one post from a parent who lost their 1st born baby a few months ago, another post from a mother who lost her 3 week old last week and another from a friend of ours whose little girl has cancer...what they would give to trade places with us! How can I complain about losing an ELECTION when I have close friends who recently lost their babies?

So although it is not what we wanted, we will proceed forward and continue to be ever thankful for the many blessings we do have and thankful that God knows what not only the future, but what is best for us...even we think it's the worst "plan" ever ~ HE knows the end.
And that's all that matters.

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