Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday DALTON!!!!

37 years ago ~ the love of my life was born!
I love this man with every fiber in my body....
he truly does "complete" me and I believe with 110% that God made him just for me! 

He is the BEST Daddy ~ Both of our children ADORE him!!!
(their Mama does too!)

He wants our children to enjoy life and makes sure that he provides for us so we can!
He tries his best not to say "no" ~ "Can we make a pallet for a campout?" "Can I have a snowcone?" "Can we pillow fight?" "Can we ride the 4 wheeler?"  ~ ~ ~
If he can say YES he does! 
I LOVE that he is passionate about things...
This man LOVES I mean LOVES his hunting! He is so precious getting all his "gear" together before each season ~ and teaching Jackson to do the same! :)

He is such a good teacher to our children ~ he is patient and takes time to explain things to them. When they talk to him he stops what he is doing and LISTENS to them. He gives them 100% of his attention....and they LOVE that! He is the "fun" parent for sure! 

I am SO blessed that this man is MINE! I wouldn't trade him for anything in the whole world!!!
Happy Brithday Dalton!

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