Friday, April 26, 2013

Honor's Day 2013 ~

Today was Honor's Day at our school.
I am SO proud of Mary Dalton & Jackson for BOTH receiving the highest AR points for each of their classes!!! 

Jackson had 138 points! That's a LOT of a 1st grader!!!
He worked REALLY hard and I am so proud of him!
He reads great but most importantly he ENJOYS reading...and that makes the "teacher" in me super excited! 
Mary Dalton had 158 points!!!
She LOVES to read and reads all the time! She reads books that don't even have AR tests, just because she loves to read!
She won in K5 but did not win last year, so she was DETERMINED to win this year!!!
Dalton awards them with $100 ONLY if they have the highest in their class...
so we are $200 poorer today!!

Whitney Sue and Mary Dalton ~
LOVE those bows!!! Soooo thankful she still loves a bow too! 

After Honor's Day, we went to lunch...I didn't make Jackson eat something "gross" as he calls it ~
Took him to McDonalds frst! ;)
He has a pretty bad sinus infection and is on strong Rx so he needs to eat! He seems to feel a little better today, but is still not himself! 

Mary Dalton has a TWO day recital this weekend, dress rehearsal today and awards banquet for dance tonight ~ needless to say I am SURE I will be "danced" out by Sunday night!!! I keep telling myself after this weekend I am "done" for awhile....trying to gear myself up! ;) 
It was a super fun day and I could not be ANY prouder of my sweet babies and their hard work!!!

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