Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturdays in a Small Town!

There is nothing like a Saturday in a small town ~ at least once a month there is some type of "festival" .....we usually have to attend because Mary Dalton's dance team performs! We have been to the Rattlesnake Round Up, Relay for Life, Pecan Jam, Mitchell Festival, Bartown's Speir's Festival, Pinetree Festival ~ and my personal favorite...The Buzzard Blast!
LOVE these sweet sleeping girls!!! Woke them up early to get ready to dance!!! I had to get them both ready and we were still an hour early! (point for me!)
Marti Ann spent two nights in a row...I was thinking that they would get tired of each other, but they were as sweet as could be!!!
Jackson LOVES a festival because he loves the food!
He was eating a sour apple snow cone at 9 a.m!
We also had a funnel cake and I was DYING for some smelled sooooo good!!!
Cheap Thrills ~ The EMC crew took kids up for a "ride!" Jackson is much like me and perfers his two feet stay FIRMLY planted on the ground...Mary Dalton and Maggie went right on up!
We had to leave as SOON as MDD finished dancing to head to a wedding out of town!
Quick change and we were ready!!!
Dalton is growing a Duck Commander beard....
I threatened to quit shaving too...I lasted two days!!!
After the wedding, we went to Wal-Mart to buy Jackson some new headphones for the car (we have LOTS of fun coming up and we need to be sure that they are well entertained and QUIET!). We also got 2 seasons of Duck Dynasty for them to enjoy on upcoming trips!
This picture proves the fact that Jackson can sleep ANYWHERE and we could TRULY be considered "white trash" as we let him go in Wal-Mart with no shoes!!! NEVER did I think I would do that but his shoes were giving him horrible blisters so I got a garden cart and wouldn't let him worried there...Dude took a nap! ;)
Hope your Saturday was exciting as ours! ;)

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