Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week 2 #dailydowdypic

Day were super excited to get their basketball jerseys!!! First game is this Saturday!!!
Day 9...beyond thankful for a break in the rain and normal temperature so they can play outside!
Day 10...Jax and I had "date night" at Lil Jakes BBQ. He was precious!!!! He hates a picture so this was a miracle shot!
Day competition season is in full swing! Mary Dalton had been at a sleepover and then dance practice...she came home WIRED!!!
Day 12...brunch at Bonefish after church
Day 13...Mondays are the pits! Woke mdd up and then found her in our bed back asleep with her daddy....
Day 14...mdd is so excited about her science fair project! She got started on it right away!
Day 15.. mdd is counting down until Friday night!!! Dance lock in and my girl is pumped!!!!

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