Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Storm, Valentine's Day & Cleaning up ~

Dear Lord ~ PLEASE don't ever send another ice storm. EVER. It has been a wild week in GA for sure!!! The ice started on Wednesday morning and our power was our at 6:30 a.m. I knew it would go out but assumed it would be later! No such luck!!! 
Wednesday was spent at home ~ the house was fairly warm and the kids enjoyed the ice and snow...
We have gas stove top so DDD heated us up some left over pizza! 
Let's just say that our house got cold QUICK!!! We moved the crew to Dalton's parents' house around the block because they have gas logs! 
Wednesday night sounded like a WAR ZONE!!! Trees popped and fell ALL night long!!! It was AWFUL!!! 
On Thursday morning, we got word that we could be without power for days, so Dalton cut our way to the shop and got our generator! 
We got it hooked up and went back to Sooz and Big's house! We ate SO good!!! We had steaks, chili, chicken, and LOTS of junk! :)
After lunch, we hooked the generator up to watch a was 47 degrees in our house!!!! 
Mary Dalton said she felt "all better" because her hair was brushed and she had a bow! :)
Thankfully, we got power back around 6 on thursday night ~ just in time for Mary Dalton to start throwing up~ probably from that junk she'd eaten for two solid days!!!! I was just SO thankful we had power and water with a sick child!!! 
We opened our home to other families to come shower and warm up! We still have lots of friends without power even today!!! 

Friday was spent cleaning the house, washing clothes, and working in the yard! 
We took the kids out to eat for Valentine's Day! 
They were SO sad they couldn't have their parties at school!

Saturday, Dalton assessed the damage to our pines ~ we lost close to $25,000 in pines and a $5000 boat. Our fence is damaged beyond repair, our swing is broken and the pool has some issues we aren't sure are fixable. Needless to say ~ we haven't had a streak of good fortune this week!!! 
While Dalton was gone, the kids and I started piling limbs in our was a MESS!!! Jackson was so sweet about helping ~ Miss Priss ~ manual labor is not her thing...I had to motivate her with a switch, but she did help!!! 
Sunday after church, we went and worked at Dalton's office trying to clean up ~ Again...Jax was off the chain amazing...and Mary Dalton wore her 5 inch heels for "cleaning" ~ 

We are hopeful that things will not be as "exciting" as they were last week!!! 

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