Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Entertainment ~

The weather was SO PRETTY here this weekend! 
We took advantage of it and the kids washed my car ~ Bless their hearts...
they had never washed a car before!!! After a quick lesson, they were having a blast! they washed bikes, scooters, and toys too! 
Saturday night, we went back to the pecan plant and they rode bikes some more! They rode and ran so much on Friday night, that Jax woke up with HORRIBLE leg cramps!!! They had a ball though! 
Behind the plant is a concrete business ~ 
They begged to play in the HUGE pile of sand...
So much fun to be 8 & 9!!! :) 
I had to tell them over and over it was time to go! 
They didn't want to stop sliding and playing in this HUGE pile of sand!!! 
Sunday morning we went to church ~ I had the nursery...and they were PRECIOUS....but let's just say I am SO SO SO thankful my kids aren't 2 anymore!!! You forget how they can't do ANYTHING!!! Super cute, but lots of work for sure!!! 
After church Sunday, we watched Frozen ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
Mary Dalton practiced her solo and did her make up work! 
Jackson downloaded a new book on his Nook to read....
Great lazy Sunday at home!!! 
Here's to hoping that everyone stays well this week!!!
The kids both have ITBS testing this week so I am PRAYING they stay well!!! Spring Break is in 9 days!!! 9 days!!!! Woohoo!!!! I can't wait!!!! 

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