Thursday, April 3, 2014

#dailydowdypic Week 13 ~ ~ ~ ~

Day 86 ~ 
What a WELCOME sight to see when I pulled in my driveway!!!
The ice storm debris is FINALLY gone!!!! 
Day 87 ~ 
Not only was it a FrIdAy but I had new red shoes WITH a monogram...
Pretty much perfect day!!!! 
Day 88 ~ 
Shooting some hoops! 
Day 89  ~
After church these two hit the neighborhood taking up donations for Jump Rope for Heart!!!
Thanks to everyone who helped them both reach their goals!!! 
Day 90 ~ He was SO proud...
he invented a "bee catcher" ~ thankfully he did not get stung!!! 
Day 91 ~ taking these two cuties to their last solo lesson of the year!!! Competition this weekend! :)
Day 92 ~ 
I would like to introduce you to the slowest eater.
6 nuggets, a handful of grapes and some macaroni took him 45 minutes to eat. 
His response?
"Mama, I like to enjoy my food." 
Can't believe another week has come and gone!!!
SO excited about our spring break coming up!!!! 

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