Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 17 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 114  ~
I was asked to judge cheer try outs at a local school ~ took the kids with me and Miss Priss thought she should try out as well ~ she was actually pretty good! ;)
Day 115  ~
Wild Adventures for Mary Dalton's 3rd grade class trip!
We had a BALL and can't wait to go next year with Jackson's class!!!
Day 116  ~
We bought an extra ticket after our fun at the theme park and enjoyed the water park, too!!!
Mary Dalton had a great time playing with her friends!
Day 117 ~
Thank heaven for boys....who can catch random lizards that get into my house!!! YUCK!
day 118 ~
just a friendly game of horse with Mary Dalton was at dance....
Friendly until I KILLED it!!! (I know he's 8 ~ but I am REALLY bad at ALL sports so if I win...I am proud...maybe a tad too proud!)
Day 119 ~
Be still my heart...
Found this precious note on my desk at school.
I LOVE my job  ~ teaching AND most importantly....being her Mama.... (and his too!!!!)
Day 120 ~
Our sweet girl is in town and we literally FIGHT over her!!!
This doll is so loved!!!! Jackson was feeding her cheerios....but I upgraded her to a popscicle...I WILL be the favorite one way or another! ;)
And...just because she is SO SO SO freaking cute...
Here's a few more...
Mary Dalton made Susan-Laine her REAL life American Girl doll!!! ha!!!

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