Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Art Camp Fun!!!!

Jackson has been going to art camp this week and he has had the BEST time! Michelle (the teacher) has 3 boys of her own so she KNOWS what boys like!!! She has had the COOLEST projects for them to do this week and some of the most creative games! She went ALL out!!! 
Jackson looked forward to going everyday and was kinda sad this morning when I reminded him today was the last day! They have done SO many different projects! We get to see them all today! He is so excited to show me what all he has been doing!
(LOVE that they all have their shirts off! Boys will be boys!)
She also did games that were sensory related...The pic with the crazy face is when he stuck his hand is squashed up avocado!!! He thought it was poop from Michelle's baby girl! ha!!!
His friend Will from school came home with us and spent the night!
They soaped up the trampoline and had themselves a ball! 
AND ~ ~ they were clean!!!! 
It's been a busy week ~ but a fun one!
Mary Dalton comes home (AGAIN!) tomorrow!!! 
Can't wait to see her!!! 

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