Friday, September 12, 2014

Week #36 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 247 ~
These are all of our "lost" socks ~ seriously  ~ WHERE do the mates go?!?!
Day 248 ~
PERFECT Friday afternoon ~ Come home to a spotless house, clean laundry and Mississippi Magazine in the mail!!! Love a "taste of home" :)
Day 249  ~
Let the hunting begin!!!!
Dove season started on Saturday and bow season starts tomorrow!
I have got two EXCITED men!!!
Day 250  ~
Trip to Cabella's and Jax is making his Christmas list!!!
#1 on the list ~ a go pro!!!
Day 251 ~
not exactly how or where I want to spend my Monday night...
back to school while Jackson has football practice...BUT!!! I get SO SO SO much done so it has become a time I look forward to! :)
Day 252 ~
Football game in Statesboro and these girls cheered the boys on to their THIRD win!!!
(and Jackson played guard and he got to play running back for the first time! Was he EVER EXCITED!?!?!)
Day 253 ~
If you love popcorn.
Buy this. Now.
You will thank me later...
Have a great weekend!!!!

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