Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas ~ Kinda....

Construction is still going on and I MIGHT can honestly say I see an end in sight in the next 7-10 days...
Even though things are DESTROYED around here...we started decorating what we could!
Friday night it was FREEZING so we opted not to go to the ball game and start decorating instead!
The kids are SO much help which makes things go SO MUCH faster than in years past! :)
They both did their trees alone...
I worked on the hall and sorting decorations for later...
I also got the wild hair to clean out and organize the attic!
It was a wold and crazy night for sure! ha!
Saturday morning, the floor guys came to lay more of the floor so the kids and I went to Augusta for the day! We ran lots of errands and had a great time!
The Jr League had a Merry Marketplace so we stopped by there to check out the vendors. It wasn't that big, but it kept us busy and we had fun looking!
We also made a stop by the pet store at Jackson's request ~ he is SOOOOOO hoping he will get a bird this year!
Saturday night, we ate with Big & Sooz ~ she made the BEST chili and the kids had so much fun playing with a box. Why should we buy toys?!?! They played with the box for an hour or more!
Mary Dalton spent the night with Sooz and this morning we had to make an early morning trip to Lowes ~ due to a construction issue. We got what we needed and grabbed a quick bite to eat...Jackson went with us and was just as sweet as ever! Love that boy!
This afternoon, I worked on putting back what I could from the construction and decorating around the mess...I decided not to use a good bit of the things I have in the past ~ I offered them to the kids and you would have thought that they won the lottery! They spent ALL afternooon decorating and even took a Christmas CD to listen to! I went over and Sooz made us hot chocolate....super fun afternoon!
Today's project ~ We had a MAJOR door issue that I PRAY is resolved so the remainder of the floor can get put down in the morning! After the door issue ~ the powder room got repainted...the animal prints and mirror are getting replaced...
We bought a new faucet, toilet paper holder and towel rack...just updating things while we are making a mess!!!
The pile-o-wood is getting smaller each day! Hopefully they will move the extra out tomorrow!!!
I got the mantle decorated!
It's pretty simple but after living in chaos for the past few weeks I think it is perfect! :)
AWFUL picture ~ but the big tree is up, too!
I personally like the mess in the dining room adding such a festive feel! ;)
Busy, busy, busy weekend but it was so much fun spending time with my sweet family and getting ready for Christmas!!!
We have a semi-quiet week this week ~
SUPPOSEDLY the floor will be complete on Wednesday ~ but we can't walk on it for 24 we will be staying at the cabin or with Dalton's parents. We are leaving Friday to head to MS to celebrate Thanksgiving! Dalton is staying behind to oversee what is left of this project and hopefully finish things up while we are gone! We will be back home in time to spend Thanksgiving with him and have a few days to get the rest of the house decorated before going back to school!
Busy time of year for sure, but my children LOVE it and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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