Monday, March 9, 2015

A Word From the Sicklies ~

This was pretty much my view all weekend...the bed.
I am finally feeling somewhat human again!
5 days of fever will do an old lady in! ;)
I tried to work Friday but Jackson got sick at school ~
We made it home and after he was sick...he wanted pancakes.
I was so thankful we were not starting BACK over with the stomach virus!
Between Jax and me ~ someone has been sick EVERY week for the last few weeks! We are ready to be well! I should have bought stock in Lysol!
Thankfully on Sunday the sun was out and we went to the cabin for some Vitamin D ~ and more rest!
We have a BIG week coming up!
And just two of my time hops I recently read and loved ~

Praying for a HEALTHY WEEK!!!

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