Monday, March 23, 2015

St Patricks Day Fun at the Coast...

Friday after school we loaded up and headed to the coast!!! We invited Clairissa and Whitney Sue to join us!
We stopped at Zaxby's on the way ~
Seriously...these 3 get along BEAUTIFULLY!!! They rarely disagree and they play SO well together!!!
We got to the coast just in time to change clothes for a cocktail party Sooz and Big were hosting! The girls had the cutest matching dresses!!!
Mary Dalton ~ Susan-Laine and Jackson...
be still my heat!!!
Love these sweet girls...
and Razz's Chiclet teeth!!! :)
We tried MULTIPLE times to get a decent picture of us...and this was the best funniest we got...
#crazyeyes We really look 50 shades of crazy...and we all know we are only 49 shades of crazy! :)
Saturday morning Jax let Razz catch up on her Peppa Pig episodes...they were so sweet all cuddled up together!! My children ADORE her!
The "big" girls were busy cleaning and organizing the bunk room....
After we got up and dressed we headed out for the St Patrick's Day parade ~ they had so much fun decorating the golf cart for the parade...
They were ALL decked out!!!
Love my sweet girl ~
The parade is truly one of a kind...GREAT people watching...
think Dollar General, meets Disney, blended in a good bar fight...that's what we got!
Lots of shriners, beads, and ATV's makes any Saturday fun! ha!
This same little weird clown is in the parade EVERY year!! My 2 used to FREAK out when he came near I think they realize they could take him down!
After the fun ~ we went back to count their loot!
Candy, beads and trinkets!
A successful day for sure!
We had supper at Speed's on Saturday night and it was DELICIOUS!!!
IT was so much fun to have a SLOW weekend for a change!
We took our time getting home yesterday and made a stop by the mall! We were so glad to get home to Daddy ~ we missed him but he got a good turkey!!! :) We got home and had to get all of our things in line for another week of school ~ to say we are counting down until spring break would be a HUGE understatement....9 more days of early wake ups! :)

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