Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week 12 ~ #apictureaday #sortof #LONGweek

I have never been so thankful to see Friday morning!!! It's the weekend and I am  THRILLED ~ we have NO plans!!! This has been a HECK of a week to say the least and I posted these pics backwards and am missing a few days too ~ 
oh well..
that describes my week.
Big D has been hunting every chance he gets...and having lots-o-luck, too!
He has some hunts booked at our farm that he will guide this season! Hope the hunters have as much luck as he has had!
This picture was from last weekend but I LOVE it ~
These girls...,make my heart happy! :)

Also found this jewel ~ our sweet Razz helping Big Daddy blow his candles out last week!

We had some spring-like weather (until today!!! we are under a FREEZE warning!??! WHAT?!?!)
The kids LOVE the long day light hours and spend most of their time in the yard!

As crazy as our week was, we snuck away for crab legs Tuesday night ~
They were HEAVEN on a platter!!!

This was last weekend, too ~ Sweet Razz catching up on Peppa the Pig!
We pretty much let her catch up on anything she wants! :)

Parade day with my girl!!!

Loaded up for a fun trip!!!
I LOVE that BOTH my children get along with Whitney Sue...and Jackson has BIG plans to marry her ~ so I guess it's a good thing we already love her! ha! :)
And pretty much that was our week ~ BUSY and lots going on for ALL of us!!! We had a nice night at home last night while Dalton was at the cabin ~ we ran some errands this morning and are relaxing at home...and counting down to spring break 2015!!! We can't wait!!!

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