Thursday, April 2, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 ~ Week 13

So thankful this week has been better than the last...and that we are ALMOST to Spring Break!!!
Day 83 ~
we LOVE to come home and have 5 hours of day light!!!
Day 84  ~
It's a GREAT day when your child can make their own food to take to the class breakfast! :)
MD made pigs in blankets for her class while I watched...
Day 85 ~
Nothing like coming on a Friday to a clean house and a good book!
Day 86 ~
We had nursery at church and my two had the BEST time "helping"
Day 87 ~
We made a trip to Augusta and of course we had to stop by Pet Smart! I swear they'd buy the WHOLE store if they could!
Day 88 ~
My Seniors started their Ready or Not Tot project this week! I have had a BLAST watching them DRAG in every morning after being up all night with crying babies!

Day 89 ~
Mary Dalton got to "babysit" one of the babies before the baseball game Tuesday afternoon! She was tickled pink!

Day 90 ~
MD added herself a note to her permission slip ~
Looks like she's not a fan of running! ha!

I cannot WAIT to see Week 14 brings me....

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