Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Life Lately ~

I call this time of year "Survival Mode" ~ I start off each school year with BIG plans of making breakfast each day, making beds before school, exercising before work, and doing my devotion all before 7:15....
As you can guess ~ I am sleeping until the LAST minute ~ and none of that is getting done. My kids are tired. I am tired. It's time for a break! We are counting down the days!

Here's what we have been up to lately  ~
Found this on my phone...guess MD was doing a "Selfie Sudnay!" ;)
Marti Ann spent the night Monday night because the divas didn't want to go to the track meet ~ they had so much fun playing until it was PITCH black outside!
This sweetie is in town and "GoGo" pushed her around the block in her super cool car! She is my heart! :)
Friday night wen went to a graduation party for a student I used to teach. MD had herself a FINE time! She danced and danced...Big Daddy even danced with her!
I LOVE that she is confident enough to get out there with all the high schoolers and "do her thing!" She was getting DOWN!
She learned all sorts of new dances and did not want to leave! This little lady loves a good party...which worries me a little bit! ha!
Her week was also made when she got a response from Sarah Rice ~ a celebrity she admires! Oh was she EVER excited!!!
Not much more to report...just trying to count down the days!!!
Honors Day is Friday and MD and I have a special treat planned for Friday night ~ can't wait to surprise her! :)

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