Tuesday, June 2, 2015

15 Years Ago....

15 years ago ~ I became Mrs. Dalton Dowdy...
how in the WORLD did that go by so fast!?!?
I thought it would be fitting (and fun!) to "walk down memory lane" in honor of our 15th year wedding anniversary ~
It really started in 1999 ~
we weren't married, but we were planning a wedding! :)
I stumbled across this business card where my brother gave Dalton my phone number...even though Dalton thought "Needed a few years" ha!
June 3rd was our BIG day! I was so excited and ready to be married!
In the  year 2000, we honeymooned in St. John, had our first Christmas (where we bought 2 dining chairs and stayed in our tiny apartment drinking hot chocolate all day ~ it was PERFECT!), bought a car (our first "big" purchase)  and Dalton finished up law school in MS
We became home owners and were SO excited...even though every single thing seemed to go wrong in the house the first month we there...Dalton passed the bar exam, we moved from Jackson, MS to the TINY town of Wrens, GA, traveled to Nashville, hosted an oyster roast,  went to The Cloister and adjusted to our new life in GA!
By this point I was pretty much an expert at taking pictures of Dalton with whatever dead animal he killed ~ we had our first "dusting" of snow, I adjusted to living in Wrens and finally felt like it might one day be "home", Dalton was practicing law in Louisville,  and we were still having a ball!
2003 ~
The year of "growing up" ~
This was a fun year! We had a HUGE snow of 2-3 inches...that's a lot for us, Dalton took me on a surprise trip to Chicago, we decided we were ready (or so we thought, ha!) for a baby!
We found out in December that we were going to be parents!
This year was a busy one for sure!
I was busy growing a baby ~ I was craving a cake and my sweet husband bought all the ingredients and made my grandmother's 7up cake for me, Mary Dalton Dowdy was born 8/18 and our world was changed, Dalton bought a new truck, and we met the babysitter that saved our sanity ~ Sallie Ann!
2005 was the year of HOLY CRAP!!!
HOLY CRAP she cries ALL the TIME!
Holy Crap this child throws up everytime she eats!
Holy Crap we are at the Ritz Carlton for FREE and this child will not quit screaming! (so we left!)
Holy Crap I am going to get a part time job before I lose my mind!
And  my favorite ~
HOLY CRAP ~ I am pregnant! ha!
(we also built our cabin this year to make room for Jax!)
2006 ~
Our sweet family was completed when our bald, SWEET baby Jackson David arrived on 1/19 ~ the Lord knew I needed an easy baby and Jax was SO easy! We hosted our first Easter egg hunt, Dalton went on a bear hunt,  traded my car for a Honda Pilot, Dalton was really disliking his job,  I had surgery, we had a small house fire, Dalton had his gall bladder removed, and at the end of this year we saw how quickly life can change when we were in a wreck that should have killed all four of us ~ but we walked away...
I think I learned more this year than any other year in our marriage...
This was a HARD year for me, but I grew so much in my faith, my job as a mother and in my relationship with Dalton.
Jackson turned 1 and we celebrated at Disney World, we lost ANY coolness we might have had left by taking our two to a Wiggle concert (and being pumped about having "good seats"), we survived TONS of meltdowns and tantrums, found endless supplies of pacis, and played outside a TON!
It was also in 2007, that Dalton quit his job and moved to a new firm in Wrens ~ one of the best decisions he's ever made! He had so much time he could be with us and was able to enjoy the children more!
2008  ~
That cute bald baby turned 2, Mary Dalton started a half day preschool program and was the teacher's pet (seriously, she learned NOTHING she just sat in Miss Susan's lap! ha!), we were officially out of diapers, Jackson started staying with a new sitter instead of having someone come to our house each day, we bought a new house and moved...in July...in GA...it was HOT! This was the year my 2 really started loving the farm ans asking to go to "the harm" everyday!
2009 ~
Made a return trip to Disney World,  we went to a Taylor Swift concert ( upgraded from The Wiggles!), and after 18 months of paying TWO house notes ~ our old house FINALLY sold!!! This was a year of adjusting...adjusting to our new house, where NO ONE thought that they should sleep in his/her own bed...it was a long year sleep wise...I do remember that! ;)
Mary Dalton had a MAJOR preschool meltdown when she HATED her new school and teacher,
Dalton dressed up as Tweedle Dee for the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for MD's 6th bday, Jax has his first broken  bone, both our kids were at school with me in K3 and K4 ~ so I started teaching full time as opposed to part time! Dalton also took MD on a "date" to get a new Taylor Swift album...she dressed in a red sequin dress and heels...and had the BEST time! :)
2011 ~
Seems to be repeat of 2010 ~
Jax breaks ANOTHER bone, we took a trip to Disney, went to the beach, "Elfie" arrived, and the most important ~ Jackson asked Jesus in his heart!
Dalton and I took a trip to Vegas, we moved the cabin to our farm, went on a Disney Cruise, Jax graduated from k5, had our annual egg hunt and Dalton learned to cook on the green egg!
2013 ~
This was the year of TRAVEL!
We went on a Disney Cruise again, MD and I went to Paris, we went to NYC, had 500 American Girl dolls/accessories/etc all over our house, Dalton started his own practice, Jax killed his first 2 turkeys,  and MD cut off 9 inches of her hair for Locks of Love!
2014 ~
2014 brought us TWO basketball players, a football player, a trip to Disney AND a Disney Cruise, MD went to camp for the first time, we went on a trip to Mexio (just the 2 of us!), Dalton was still hunting like crazy and Dalton was named as the county attorney ~
It was a good year! :)

Although it's not over...it's been a good one so far!
We have fished, danced, traveled, learned to shoot new guns, the kids have done great in school, upir new firm is doing well,  Dalton is still busy with rental properties and farming, and we have laughed and made LOTS of memories!!!
Everyday isn't "lollipops and rainbows"..we have lost friends and families, had financial struggles, health scares, stress from work, made poor decisions, and just had some good old fashioned disagreements! However, without going through all of that we wouldn't be who we are today! I am SO thankful that God chose Dalton to be my partner in this wild ride! There is nobody else on the whole Earth I would rather do "life" with!!!
Here's to 115 more!!!! :)

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