Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 28

The weeks are flying by!!! 
Only TWO more weeks of summer!!! I am TOTALLY sad about that ~ my summer FLEW by...but I do love the fresh start of a new school year! 
Day 190 ~ 
Big Daddy took the kids to the coast to Susan-Laine's birthday! 

Day 191  ~
Well.....duh! :) 
Day 192 ~ 
One of my FAVORITE things about the summer is ALL the impromptu date nights I have with Dalton!!! 
It's so nice to be able to go out to dinner with him and not worry about the kids' homework, school stuff; etc.!  
Day 193 ~ 
Mary Dalton & Marti Ann have been at YDA this week!!! Thankful for Marti Ann's sweet Grandmother who offered to let MD go with them!!! 
day 194 ~ 
Jackson and Dalton sighting in his new scope and rifle
Day 195 ~ 
Seriously...all the teachers can relate! 
My heart was HAPPY about this purchase!!! 
Two weeks of summer left and SOOOOO much fun and sun left for us to enjoy!!! 

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