Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life Lately...

And this is Life Lately...

not really...but I kinda do wish I could get locked in a box and sleep for a few days! ha!
Last weekend while MD had her sleepover, Jackson spent the weekend with Blake. He had the best time and it was nice not have to referee any fights! ;)

The cabin addition is coming along slowly but surely!
We have had some rain that slowed us down this week and we had to let the bricks "set" ~ Dalton assures me I will be in my new room by Christmas!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!

We SO enjoyed Razz last weekend! She is getting so big and is talking so much!
She CRACKS us up!
We hated to see her leave for TN!

I think Jax is excited about the new addition, too ~ he won't have to sleep with MD! ha!

We celebrated MD more this week! She is dancing two days a week in Swainsboro which is an hour from our house so Monday and Tuesday she is out late. I told her as long as she kept good grades we would try it! This was LAST year's birthday post ~ LOVE that sweet girl!

We did have another cake to celebrate! Her daddy picked this one out!

and this is my life after school...
race home.
work on laundry.
grade papers.
go back to the school for Jackson's football practice.
come back home.
start again.

We are literally gone every night Monday-Thursday!!! By Thursday I am SPENT! I can't WAIT for this weekend!!! NO plans!!! Woohoo!!!

MDD has loved getting birthday letters this week! Her counselors for the past 2 summers at Winshape sent her bday cards! How sweet was that!?!? As if we already weren't LOVING that camp!?!

MDD left today to go with Sooz to Jacksonville, FL to the beach and to shop for back to school ~ they were supposed to go to TN but we had a change of plans! She was SO excited when she left school early today for her trip! Jackson is pretty excited to be the only child at home, too!
I am pretty excited about the weekend! :)

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