Monday, October 5, 2015

Nana Came to Georgia!

We had a great weekend with my mom ~ aka "Nana!" 
She checked the kids out of school early on Friday so that started their weekend off right! :) 
We enjoyed a fun night catching up at home and went out to eat supper. Saturday morning, MD had dance so Nana went with us. While MD was at dance we went to some antique stores...
after dance we headed to Augusta! 
We all 3 love to "go!" 
It rained ALLLLL's STILL raining!
The kids wanted Nana to help them make suckers.
I know some of their favorite memories as adults of my mama will be the time they spent in the kitchen with her! 
I think they made 3 was an afternoon full of cooking for sure! 

As if suckers weren't enough...Jackson made a cake, too! 
And then we got a good old  case of the sillies...
We made "Chin people" and laughed at the kids for hours!!! 
Sunday morning we watched a movie and then went to check on the cabin addition. Dalton cooked us lunch and we enjoyed the view! mama is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. 
I said LOTS of prayers as the kids scaled the scaffolding!!! waiting to happen!!! YIKES! 
Mama left about 2:30 so she could get to my sister's before it got dark. It is so nice to have a halfway point to break up the LONG trip! We hated to see her leave, but we are already looking forward to Thanksgiving! 
When Nana left, I took MD to set up her mini booth for 4H at the fair ~ 
She picked "dance" as her surprise there! 
We came home and tried to coax Rebel into his new dog house...
He loved it as long as Jackson was in it with him! ha! 
We took Rebel to the tree house to play and it was SO wet and muddy...but it wasn't raining so we were excited! 
I think Rebel was thrilled to be out of the pen! 
We practiced retrieving and these 3 played chase all over the yard! 
We had a quiet night after that ~ nothing much exciting to report...just enjoyed being at home! 

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