Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weekend Fun!

Obviously our weekend was so fun it took me til Wednesday to remember to post this! ;)
We had a low key weekend and those are my FAVORITE kind! We started hauling out the kids' Christmas decorations and trees Friday ~ in order to do that...we had to clean out their rooms to make room for new stuff!!! We worked awhile but everything PERFECT! I am so excited that my 2 still love all the Christmas fun and excitement!

Saturday we had a break in the TONS-O-RAIN we have been pounded with and we were able to get our Christmas card pictures taken!!! 
I just did the kids this's so much trouble...and often torture to get everyone to cooperate! I thought the fewer involved...the better! 
Jackson was NOT feeling the pictures! He asked could we put "Not available for photo" on the card and just use Mary Dalton's picture! ha! 
And then ~ we decorated the WHOLE house for Christmas!!! It was so much fun and it is DONE! 80% of my shopping is done and I plan to start wrapping this week! I LOVE getting a head start and then enjoying the month of December! It frees us up to do so many fun things! 
And this meme...
LOVE it! :) 
Sunday ~ another round of rain came...but I had a DATE with the cutest 2 year old I know! 
We met the boys at Logans for lunch before going to Disney on Ice ~ Razz LOVED throwing her peanuts on the floor...and at Uncle D! 
My boys ~ the older Jackson gets the more he likes to hang out with his Daddy...
We braved the rain and headed to the show! We made a pit stop by the concession stand for popcorn and a twirly light! Seriously...I think they should just let us keep forever. She is THE cutest!!! 
I mean...her pigtails...I can't even!!!! AND ~ she had her "red minty mouse" shoes on! 
Be still my heart...
She loved the show and was so sweet! She fell right to sleep when we got in the car to head home! 
We enjoyed our weekend so much and have yet another low key weekend planned!!! 

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