Monday, December 14, 2015

More Christmas Fun ~

Christmas fun is in FULL swing around here!!!
Thursday night, the children sang at Bustlin' on Broad ~ They did a few songs from their program and MD did her solo ~ 
I love that our school and community is so small that these kids get to grow up together! 
We had pizza before heading in a few stores to check things out ~ We ran into Cindy Lou Who and The Grinch! 
Friday after school ~ MD & I went and got MUCH needed pedicures! She is at the best age ~ she is so much fun and the "preteen" attitude is not too common ~ Love spending time with her! :) 

Saturday ~ MD & I hung out at home ~ the boys went to the cabin for the weekend. She worked on homework and got her chores done for the week. That afternoon, we went to a wedding then headed to see her best friend, Marti Ann in The Nutcracker. One of my sweet students, Anna, went with us! MD  LOVES Anna! She said she is her new best friend! ha! 
Haleigh, one of MD's friends we carpool with to dance, was Clara ~ she danced on point and was beautiful! 
And our cute Marti Ann was the best party girl and tumbling candy cane we have ever seen! She's SO tiny ~ MD is SO tall ~ they crack me up! MD squats down to tell MA something and MA stands on her tiptoes to tell MD something! LOVE these sweet girls! 
Sunday morning was lazy...we drank coffee and went to church ~ 
These are the days that I know I will miss most when she is at college...or too cool to hang out with me! 
After church, we went to the grocery store and came home to do some baking! 
We ended our fun weekend by cooking supper for the boys and going to the Christmas musical at our church! For some reason, it seemed like a long weekend ~ Dalton enjoyed his time with Jackson and of course me and MD had a blast! Love that sweet family of mine! :) 

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