Friday, December 11, 2015

Week 49 #apictureadayin2015

Week 49 was full of Christmas FUN ~ 
Friday ...
I know I have posted this 100 times but it will ALWAYS be one of my FAVORITE pics of my babies!!! 
Saturday ~ 
PERFECT lazy and cozy Saturday at home! 
Sunday  ~
Wrapping all the Way was a huge success! 
Monday ~
Tree house decorations are complete! 
Tuesday ~ 
I got a wild hair to let my students paint ceiling tiles with a quote...I LOVE the way it turned out but I was STRESSED this week ~ this was a MESSY project...insulation and lots of other "things" from the old tiles were EVERYWHERE ~ it was worth it though...turned out great! :) 
Wednesday ~
annual trip to Lights of the South! 
Thursday ~ 
Bustling on Broad! 
Two weeks from today ~ Christmas will be pretty much over! That means I have 13 days to ENJOY this special time with my sweet family!!! 

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