Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cabin Update ~

Well...we are still under construction, but Dalton feels like we are about 3 weeks out ~ PLEASE be right!!! I know it will be perfect when we move in, but when we have missed our first two "projected" dates...I am getting antsy! I want to get to use it a few weekends before it is overtaken by hunters for turkey season! 

A view of the great room ~
The other side ~ 
Not too much to report in here...they should start on the floors this week. We should also have heat/AC this week, too! Poly should be on the walls soon....
The shower ~ is going to be beautiful!!! We picked petrified wood...actual wood instead of tile! 
This will be completed this week, too!
The floor ~
The biggest thing they did last week was finish the loft....
They should tear out the existing wall this week and then they will be connected!
I am praying my next update has a completed shower, floors, heat/ac, and the start of the poly on the walls!!!

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