Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Break

We are DRAGGING today after having Friday and Monday off for Winter Break! 
We had a GREAT low key weekend!!! 
Friday was NASTY outside...lots of cold, yucky rain! That didn't slow us down ~ Someone we love VERY much is turning the BIG 4-0 next week and we needed a gift or two! We loaded up and went to Augusta for a fun day! 
We made a stop by 2nd and Charles...and a horse met me in the aisle...
I let the kids pick what they wanted to do for their "fun" activity ~ they picked the Kroc Center! 
We got there at 2:15 and they swam until 5:30...and I had to DRAG them out of the water! 
I got my fill of chlorine...I LOVE the smell...and decided I might just make it until May! ;) 
They had the BEST time playing..and we were the ONLY ones in there until about 4! I read, paid a few bills on my phone, updated my calendar and watched them play! It was a fun day!!! 
There was also a SERIOUS game of basketball...I should mention that there were FOUR lifeguards for my TWO children...I felt that they were pretty safe! ;) 
After all that swimming, they were STARVING and Jackson was finally feeling like eating his birthday cake!
The only candles we had were a 3 and a 9 ~ I told Jackson he could be 39 or 93 ~ he went big with 93! ha!  
Saturday we woke up to snow!!! The kids were so excited!! It was gone by lunch but we enjoyed it while it lasted! 
Daisy enjoyed being outside and had fun playing with Leo from across the street! 
Sunday was a beautiful day! We went to church and then came home and enjoyed the day outside! 
This girl ~ growing up too fast! 
Monday we slept in ~ the best feeling in the WORLD is when you are off on a Monday ~ 
We met Dalton for lunch at Diary Lane and then went and looked at furniture for the cabin! 
We ended our Monday with The Bachelor and lots of fun with Daisy!!! 
Our low key weekend was great...and we only have 4 more days until the next one!!! :) 

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