Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Day in the Life of The Dowdys ~

I have not done one in these in YEARS ~ I really think the last time I documented our whole day was 4-5 years ago. I have tried several times but get side tracked and busy and forget! 
Well, March 1st I remembered so this is our FULL day starting at 5:20 a.m.
1st up ~ treadmill time. I have gotten VERY slack about running and I am trying to do better!!! 
At least this day was a success! ;) 
After a quick run, I double checked all my school bags...
it takes a TON of bags to get us through the day...
this is just part of them! 
I put a boston butt in the crock pot ~ 1/2 cupe vinegar and Tony's seasoning...cook on low all day! 
I had time to fold a quick load of laundry before getting a shower!

I showered, got dressed, got the kids up and loaded up!
We never eat breakfast at home, we always eat in the car! 
This pic makes me sad bc I see Razz's carseat! Ugh we miss her! 
side note: even at 7 a.m. MD is posing! 
I got to school at 7:30 and of course none of my seniors were there...they come rolling in RIGHT before the bell rings! This gives me time to get things going for the day before they all get here! 
1st period ~ Chemistry...I worked on their exam study guide after I taught.
2nd period and 3rd period came and went...
4th period is my planning period. 
I worked on exams and finished up some grading...
a teacher's work is NEVER done! 
I taught 5th and 6th period then entered LOTS of grades in the grade book! 
The day ended and I had more "housekeeping" to do before we left! 
After school, we loaded up and I dropped these girls off at Marti Ann's to wait until it was time for dance! 
MD eating on the bag-o-cereal that stays in the car! 
We got home around 3:30 and I fixed some nuts and raisins.
I laid on the bed and scrolled through FB, IG and Snapchat...
Mindless fun I tell you ~ 
About 4 I took Daisy for a walk...
Jax went bird hunting...
And then...super glamorous but I had to pressure wash the dog kennel.
Dalton came home and we went with him to check the progress on the cabin...
Daisy went with us! 
The sky was BEAUTIFUL ~ this pics does not do it justice at ALL!  
The floors look GREAT!!! 
Hopefully we will be able to walk on them Saturday and move in on Sunday....key word: HOPEFULLY.
We have a new rental project ~ 
With some hard work and TLC this will be a GREAT new rental! 
After a quick look at the new rental ~ the boys went to look at some bulldozing work that was being done at the farm...
love that Daisy is tucked in Jackson's arm! 
We got home around 6:45 and I was SO thankful for that crockpot meal! 
I browned some buns for BBQ sandwhiches 
Thank goodness Big D was there to help! I HATE cutting meat up...he always does this for me! 
Thanks Big D! 
After supper, I have a ritual ~ I wipe the counters with Spic & Span and light my candles...
This is one of my favorite things! :) 
Then comes my least favorite activity of the day ~ 
Checking homework...
up first ~ 
4th grade math! 
check out that micro pencil! 
Mary Dalton called at 7:43 to say that they were leaving Louisville...I pick her up at The Orchards.
Dalton agreed to go get her for me and he even filled my car up with gas! 
He is the best! 
While Dalton was gone to get MD I made lunched and started getting ready for the next morning...
I HAVE to have everything ready the night before in order for the morning to go smoothly and on time! 
MD got home around 8:10 and I checked her math HW and then called out science info to her for a test. while I was doing this ~ I sent Jax up to shower. He fell asleep while the bath was running and he ALMOST let it overflow!!! I woke him up, got him in the tub and helped MD pick out her clothes for the next day ~ it was spring picture day and girlfriend wanted to look GOOD! 
Jax took a FAST shower and was asleep again in no time! 
By this point, it is 9:15-9:30 and MD gets a shower and gets in the bed! 
I got her TV going for her...she watches until she gets sleepy...
She was in bed around 9:45
Mama needs some quiet time! 
I don't care what time we get home or what we have going on..
I ALWAYS take a bubble bath EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.
While my water was running, I got my clothes out for the next day...and started sorting laundry...

I got in bed and caught up on the day's events with DDD and I screen shot this right before I cut off the lamp ~ 
The days are long, but few so I REALLY do try to enjoy them and be thankful for this crazy stage we are in right now! :) 
No two days around here are alike, but I know it will be fun to look back at our day in a few years and see how much things have changed!!! 

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