Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Showstoppers and a Girls Weekend!!!

This past weekend, Mary Dalton & I went to Birmingham to meet my mom, sister, and nieces for a dance competition and some FUN! 
We left after school on Friday and were up and at 'em EARLY Saturday morning for the comp! 
Mary D was SO excited to have people there to watch her and cheer for her! When your family is so far away, it is not often you have "fans" there to watch you at events, so we planned this in AL so they could see her perform! 
We LOVED seeing Emily & Elizabeth ~ such sweet girls for MD to look up to! 
Her very own cheering squad!!! 
This was my first "baby" ~ I was 19 when she was born and her mom was SO good about letting me get her and keep her! I would pick her up on Fridays when I was home from college and keep her until Sunday ~ Love this girl and I can't BELIEVE she is about to graduate!!! 
And our sweet Em ~ There is NONE sweeter than her! 
She turned TWENTY while we were there ~ no babies anymore in the Tuttle family! :(
Mary Dalton did a great job! She scored Platinum and 7th overall in her division! 
It was a fun weekend followed by shopping and a great birthday dinner at my sisters!!! 
Love that precious and rare time with those I love the best! :) 

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