Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap ~

AS usual, the weekend flew by...but we have exams this week so Wednesday-Friday we will get out at 12 everyday! Woohoo! 
And...the weather is supposed to be great! 

These were posted on the photographer's site from MD's last dance comp ~ 
I LOVE them!!! 
She is growing up and getting so "growny" ~ but she is SO much fun! I pray that preteen attitude stays FAR away!!! 
This was on my timehop ~ 
how precious were they!?! 
In cabin news ~ The LAST coat went on Friday night ` we peeked in to check it out but could not walk on it yet! 
Saturday morning, Mary Dalton went to Augusta with Sooz and the boys went to the farm. I was home alone fro about 3-4 hours and worked on laundry! 
Obviously MD is under the belief that "more is better" with the bracelets! 
Saturday at lunch I took the boys BBQ ~ we could walk on the floor but only with socks! We were just so excited to be IN the cabin!!! We had our first meal on the floor of the cabin! 
Then we started CLEANING!!! 
It is SO dusty so everything has to be cleaned! 
We wiped all the walls down, dusted what was left in there, deep cleaned the old bathroom...we made a HUGE dent in the cleaning, but we still have a good bit to do! 
Our bedroom floor ~ 
Another angle 
MD and I left to go pick up pizza and the trusty Pilot left us stranded!!! A friend came to help, but DDD finally got there and got it cranked. Straight to the shop it went! 
Our new preacher was at church yesterday and we are VERY excited for him to be coming in late spring! 
We had a great church service, a yummy lunch and a lazy afternoon at home! 
Dalton and Jax worked at the farm while me and MD worked on the cabin laundry and watched LMN! 

I saw this quote last night on Pinterest and fell in LOVE! 
This may be my new favorite quote of all time! 
Off to start a busy week  ~ hopefully by next Monday we will have furniture in the cabin! 

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