Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Lately ~

Life lately has been BUSY around our house!!! 
Last week, the kids had a field trip to ATL which we passed on...
as a treat, we went to Air Strike instead!! 
We LOVE Air Strike on a school afternoon ~ NOBODY is there ~ they had the whole place to play! 
These two ~ 
They either are best friends or want to pluck out each other's eyeballs....
Mary Dalton has acquired quite the collection of Lokai bracelets!!! 
I am just thankful the dang Sillly Band phase is not back!!! :)
After a fun afternoon at Air Strike, we met Dalton for pizza and ice cream! 
My principal asked me to help with a Special Needs Prom ~ I grabbed up some of my students and we jumped on board...
To say I was blessed...HUGE understatement. 
To see these precious people, so vulnerable, so lovable having the time of their lives...made my YEAR! 
This is sweet Randy...
He told me, "Frankly, I think  you would be a great teacher." 
My students helped escort the others in ~ 
They LOVED doing this!!! 
These kids ~ 
I could not be prouder of them!!! 
They worked so hard and had the best time helping! 
After the Prom on Friday, we picked up Razz for the weekend!!!
We HAD to go to the park!!! :)

We spent the weekend at the farm and the weather was GREAT!!! Jackson worked with Daisy on retrieving! 
Razz enjoyed Daisy most when she was locked up! ;) 
We had pictures done Saturday night! I forgot what it was like to have a 2 year old in pictures! Razz was over it in 5 minutes, but had a blast playing the dirt!
After church Sunday, Uncle D took her to IGA to get a Ring Pop since she was Big Girl and didn't cry at church! :) 
She took a nap and these two nuts swam in the pond!!! 
We ended our weekend by celebrating Sooz's birthday at McKinney's Pond and giving our girl back to her Mommy!!! 
Super fun weekend for sure! :) 

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