Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prom 2016

This past Friday night was Prom! I had to read the Grand March and both the kids were dying to go with me! 
MD was ALLLL about the's safe to say, she can't wait to go! Jackson was no where to be found once we got there..I think he went outside and played the whole time! 
First up ~ 
We had to find our Anna Grace!!! 
Then we ran into Whitney Sue! 
These girls will be at Prom in no time! 
I saw these boys standing around and asked the girls if they wanted their pics with them! 
WS said, "You talk to them?!" 
I said, "Everyday." 
She said, "What do you say?" 
Ummmm..."Get out your books!" ha!
After the pic, Whitney was shaking she was so excited...
the perks of your mom teaching high school! 
Mary Dalton has had the BIGGEST crush on Zack this year! She thinks he is best thing ever! She got all dolled up so she would look good for a picture with him..and it is now her screen saver! 
Her night was made for sure!!! 
I appreciate these sweet boys being so kind to MD & WS! 

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