Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of the Year Fun ~

Lots of randomness from the last week or so ~ 
I took my 10th grade to Air Strike for an end of year field trip and let MD and Jax tag along...
They deemed it the best skip day ever! :)
My them! :) 
They also said that this was the best field trip ever...never mind it wasn't educational! ;) 
Mary Dalton entertained at the school pageant last week ~ We went out to practice her solo and she helped herself to the crown, trophy ,and sash... That girl...
Both kids went to see a play last week ~ I took these off of snapchat since I did not go with them! 
Love his sweet little class...this is all 7 of them and their cute teacher! :) 
And then there are these girls...heaven help us...
We went to the pageant Friday night and one of  MD's best friends Whitney Sue won! 
I am so thankful that she is truly happy for her friends when they win! 
She was tickled PINK that her favorite little friend won, too! MD LOVES Adalyn! 
Quick class picture from MD field trip ~ 
Trying to get 18 boys to pose for a picture is pretty much impossible...hey, the girls look cute! :) 
Fun times!!! 

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