Friday, May 20, 2016

Mary Dalton's End of the Year Party

Mary Dalton's teacher invited the class over to her house this week for some end of the year fun! 
I did not have exams that day, so I was able to go with them! :) 
Before we left, Mary Dalton's FAVORITE senior boy stopped by room. I went and got MD so she could give him his graduation present. She even wrote him a note. Zack was SO sweet to her! I don't think her Daddy cares too much that she's eyeing some high school boys, but the two she has had crushed on are great I am PRAYING she will have good judgement and discernment with those dating years arrive...when she is 25. ;)
Anyway ~ back to the party! As soon as we got there, MD found Latham and he was on her hip the rest of the day. I used to do the same thing when I was her age...I LOVED a baby...still do! ;) 
And yes...he is a BOY but I teach with his Daddy, too, so we stuck this bow in his head and sent it to him! 
Her three year old was there, too...MD obviously did not come dressed to play water games, but she had herself a grand time taking care of these two little boys! 
Speaking of boys ~ 
can we have a moment of silence for the teacher of this crew...
HOLY COW!!! There are 18 boys in MD's class. 
Praise the LORD that they aren't obnoxious, mean, or wild as the Taliban! 
They are super sweet and look out for the girls... 
all four of them. 
It's been a GREAT year in 5th grade! Amanda is an awesome teacher! I can't wait for Jackson to have her next year! 

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