Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer so Far ~

We jumped right into our summer routine...wish it was this easy to jump into the school routine come August! Here's a peek at our week so far ~ 

Sunday night the kids went to Youth at LUMC. Our church does not move you to youth until 7th grade and MD is just over it. She's WAY too mature to be in class with 1st graders...we are so thankful that LUMC lets our kids be a part of their group! 
It's rising 5th graders to 8th graders in their group, then they all meet for supper, then the older kids come! They LOVED it!!! I am so excited that they are excited about church!!! There are lots of things planned this summer and we hope to be there for them! 
Monday was CLEAN UP day ~ we cleaned ALL day and it feels so good to have a sparkly clean house!!!  :)

Tuesday ~ Jackson went with Mallie and Brooke to Air Strike and lunch for Mallie's bday! 
Marti came over after lunch and of course they did what they always do ~ record themselves acting like nuts on the ipad! 
Tuesday night we went to an election party while we waited to hear the results of the local election! 
Jackson had a blast at Mitchell's house...he explored until it was pitch black! 
ohhh...and Tuesday morning, MD participated in Cupcake Wars at 4H ~ she didn't place...and I am really not sure why...not to sound like a psycho mother...but everyone used can icing and she made hers??? Some of the cupcakes looked like diarrhea in a cupcake liner...but I guess they tasted better than hers! ha! Anyway ~ she had fun and we have enjoyed eating the leftovers! We also had a 4h meeting for camp on Tuesday ~  MD is excited...but this camp is NOTHING like Winshape...she will be "roughing it" so it should be interesting! ha! 
today we hung out at home! 
They drew on the trampoline with chalk...this kept them busy a good hour! 

And then we covered it in soap and water...and they had a BLAST!!! They played so hard MD took an hour nap...and she NEVER sleeps!!! 
I sat outside with them and watched them play! We still do not have a pool liner, so we are being creative with our outside time! :) LOVE this picture of these two...
Thursday ~ Jackson had guitar, then we went to consign some old things, ran an errand for Dalton, had Mexican for lunch and made our way to Air Strike ~ BOGO week! Both kids jumped 2 hours for $20! They LOVE this place and I enjoyed a book while they played! 
In other news ~ We are gearing up for Mary Dalton's room "re-do" ~ She has always used her nursery things because I purposely picked fabrics that would "grown" with her... 
Last year, she moved to the guest room and nothing nothing. There are so many themes and's just a hot mess!!! 
Anyway ~ we have decided to go with a black, white, gold, and tiffany blue theme. I HOPE to have it done while she is gone to camp...she will be gone 2 weeks...and surprise her when she gets back! These are a few of the things we have so far...
It's been so much fun! :)
Jackson is also getting a makeover in his room, but his is not NEAR as bad as it'll be later this summer! 

Today the kids are at a Hunter's Safety Class ~ one child was not so much...
Dalton taught the afternoon session and MD was ready to go by started at 8:00....
ha! That girl!!! 
The first week of summer is in the books and we have our FIRST road trip planned for the summer this weekend!!! 
Happy Summer to Us! :) 

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