Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Washington DC Part 1

We JUST got back from our DC trip!!! We had a great time, made lots of memories and had TONS of laughs...I really don't think any family could laugh more than we do! I said on the way's a good thing we can laugh at ourselves...we love to pick at each other! 

anyway ~ we left around 7 Sunday morning to make the 8 hour drive...
all smiles! 
By hour 8 we were no longer smiling...Stupid Tropical Storm Bonnie had us two hours behind and we were in AWFUL rain the WHOLE there was not a 10 min span without rain!!! It was AWFUL!!! We finally got there around 7 and were starving! We went to We the Pizza which was by our hotel. I should add, they do NOT have AC, there was not ONE seat  open..much less 4...and it was raining still!!! Dalton crafted us a "bivouac" to sustain us from the elements...those were his EXACT words...not mine! anyway ....they had pizza and I ate their leftovers...I was ready for  a shower and a bed by this point! 
walking back...rainy mess!!! 
We did get this picture of Daisy while we were getting ready for bed! Our neighbor took care of her! Jackson missed her so much! 
Thankfully, Monday morning was rain free! It was supposed to rain again but we dodged it! 
Ready to head out to tour!!! 
We walked a LOT ~ the weather was warm, but not hot...we were worried about it being crowded since it was Memorial Day but it really was not that bad! 
We did the American Indian Museum, National Museum of Science, and National Museum of History, Jackson enjoyed them way more than MD ~ she was just hunting a gift shop! 
And he LOVED holding the hissing cock roach! Yuck!!! 
We had tickets to tour the Holocaust Museum late that afternoon ~ I have done it twice before and every time I see something new...
this was everyone's favorite museum! 
The boys wanted to rest so we went back to the hotel ~ MD talked me into riding bikes with her and this was her favorite memory of our trip. We rode ALL over the Supreme Court, The Capitol, and The Library of Congress ~ it was EMPTY and there was a great breeze,,,we had a great time! :) 

We went back and attempted to freshen up for dinner ~ 
We went to The Capitol Grill and it was soooo good!!! Dalton cooks so well, it's hard for us to find somewhere that we really like...but this place DELIVERED!!! 
That was Day 1 and 2 of our trip ~ Up next (after unpacking and tons-o-laundry!!!) is the BEST part!!! :)

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