Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Winshape 2016

We left early Sunday morning to take the kids to camp! This is MD's 3rd year at Winshape and Jax's 2nd year! First stop ~ Cleveland, GA to have lunch before dropping Jackson off! 
They were both super excited!!! 
Jackson was the first one in his suite and was excited to have a top bunk! His counselor is "Father Time" ~ they have nicknames...
He was excited to see a few counselors from last year, too! 
Dropped him off and had him unpacked in 30 mins ~ made the hour drive to Young Harris to drop off MD! 
Mary Dalton got "Rollin" for her counselor ~ she remembered her from last year and was SUPER excited to have her ~ she said that she was so sweet and did not make her campers drink water....it's the little things!
She had 4 other girls in her cabin ~ her room mate's name is Anna (I think!) 
A few pics that have been posted so far this week ~ I LOVE that they post pics so I can see that they are happy and well! :) 
"Welcome to the Show" party ~ 
Jackson and a camp friend ~ 
They play fun games! He LOVES teh games at camp! 
Not sure what he is doing....and bless his bones...he looks like he needs a good scrubbing...I bet he hasn't showered all week....
I could tell from these pics the tracks that they were placed in ~ Looks like he is in ART. 

MD is in Sweet Shoppe (cooking) and ART 

Last night's Winter Wonderland party ~ 

Tonight, Jackson's camp is having "Kitchen Crusades" which is similar to Cupcake wars ~ 
MD's camp is having a Space Glam party ~ 

We miss them, but we have had so much fun just the two of us! :) 
Can't wait to hear about their fun week! 

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