Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More Homecoming...

Well ~ I am in three days into the week that will do any high school teacher in...Homecoming Week...and it actually has not been that bad ~ it's been busy and wild as the Taliban, but we are making it...
Tuesday was twin day ~ 
The high school teachers dressed up as dominoes...EASY :) 
My students are VERY creative with their costumes...the cow was a big hit! 
Mary Dalton and her best friends dressed up as The Chipmunks ~ they even made their own shirts and tutus! 
When your mom teaches high school...well, you get to have your picture made with the boys you think are super cute! :) 
#yourwelcomeMD :) 
Some of MD's class on twin day ~ 
Her trio actually won best costume so they were super excited!!! 

After a busy day at school ~ Jax had ANOTHER football game!!! He is getting LOTS of game time since he is in 5th grade ~ he is still loving it and thinks that it is fun even though they haven't won a game yet...
Jackson is my child that could have fun anytime, any place...
I love that about him...
This morning ~ this popped up on my timehop...
6 years ago she still had all her baby teeth!!!! 
Time went by sooooo fast!!!! 
Today was college game day ~ while most people dressed in jerseys ~ Jackson and Will went as pledges at an Ole Miss handsome are they?!?!?! 
Just so people knew who they were...I added a little "hint" 
Jackson and his class ~ 
And this cutie is their size, but she is in 9th grade...and they think she is some kinda pretty...
They REALLY wanted their picture with sweet Annie...and of course she agreed! 
Jackson and Will won best dressed today! :)
Two days with two Dowdy children winning...
Way to go! :) 
These two went as Frat boys ~ I thought this was super cute...and it was free so even better!!! :) 
TWO MORE DAYS of costumes and then the weekend!!!! 
I think I can...I think I can... 

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