Thursday, December 29, 2016

And That's a Wrap ~

Today is kinda our last day of Christmas break ~ we have Monday off, too ~ but I have a good bit going on, so today is the last "off" day ~ 
Everything is put away and we are ready to get second semester under our belt and ready for SUMMER!
While I was putting up decorations, I just couldn't part with my Christmas card tree yet ~ I LOVE it! 
We LOVED having Razz in town with us over the break ~ She loves some popcorn and was in heaven ~ she had full control of the remote, a tutu and a full bowl of popcorn...the girl was in heaven! 
I have loved being home with Bo, too! He is going to be SO SAD when we are back to school next week ~ we are going to miss him! He may have to go with us! :) 
Mary Dalton has had dance a few times over the break to learn her new trio ~ she had Whitney spend the night, too! 
We had LOTS of loving from this cutie ~ 
And I THINK she finally realized that "Big D" will do ANYTHING in the world for her...she became big buddies with him on this trip! 
This smile CRACKS me up ~ she hasn't quite mastered the natural smile! ha! :) 
We taught her how to play circus ~ a crazy game Dalton & Sue-anna made up when they were little! She LOVED it! 
We also taught her to play sandwich! 
And Jackson's face ~ ha!!! He was SQUISHED!!! 
We all got hair cuts, and MD & I got high lights ~ we picked up prescriptions, ran a few errands...and Jax was OUT!!! Next week is gonna kick his butt! 
We also added TWO new birds to our zoo ~ 
Meet Lilo and Stitch! 
Mary Dalton & Troy have been planning a shopping trip all month ~ they went to Augusta and I think she drug him all over creation! She had a blast...and I am glad because we are sending him on her first date as a spy! 
Just kidding...
sort of! ;) 
We have a big oyster roast planned tonight at the farm for our friends! We are planning a SUPER low key weekend after that ~ think lots of naps, movies, and the boys will hunt.
Resting up before we enter the rat race again next week! 

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