Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve ~

Saturday morning, we got up and finished up our "cabin Christmas" ~ We ran home to check on Daisy and get dressed ~ Nana & Pawpaw were headed our way! 
They got to the cabin around lunch and Pawpaw was teaching Jax new card tricks ~ 
he has ALWAYS loved a magic trick! 
Mary D. with her sweet Nana ~ 
Big D was OUT ~ we have been picking on him for napping in his chair like an old man! ;) 
Bo and I felt the same about Elfie ~ see ya Elfie!!!! 
We came back home and Mary Dalton passed her gifts out ~ 
She was SO sweet and bought such thoughtful things for all of us...with her own money! 
I love her sweet, giving heart! 
She gave Nana the calendar that she has been working on at school ~ 
Nana loved it! :) 
After gifts were passed out, we went to Jeb & Patti's for our yearly Christmas Eve celebration! MD talked Nana into a sorority pose! ;) ha!
Usually, my kids were their pjs ~ MD was not into that this year...this is the first year she wore regular clothes! Jax would wear pjs everyday if it were socially he was ALL in! 
Growing up too fast...
This was AMAZING!!! 
My sister in law put this together! 
It was heavenly!!! Mine would NEVER look that pretty! 
Big D, MD, and Amos ready to Santa! 

Jeb asked Jackson to pray ~ He did such a good job...with a chicken leg in hand at that! :) 
We LOVED being with our Razz over the past week!!! 
We got home, and Nana & Pawpaw gave the kids their gifts from them...
Fun times! 
This was WAY out of Nana's comfort zone but she bought Big D Crown! 
and he LOVED it! 
We loved having my parents here and all the fun that comes with the anticipation of Christmas Day! 

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