Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dowdy Family Christmas

This past weekend, we traveled to Unicoi State Park to meet up with Dalton's Dad's side of the family. To be honest, I was DREADING this...I had a LONG week with exams, it was cold and rainy, we had a rough go at family Christmas last year for several reasons...I just wasn't feeling it. We decided to stay just one night so we could come back for some things going on here.
It turned out to be WAY better than I thought and we actually had a great time while we were there ~ and I won't dread it so next year! ;)
Mary Dalton was REALLY dreading going ~ she is the oldest, she is at that awful age where she's too old to hang out with kids, but not old enough to be a teenager...plus she was missing dance...which is a CRISIS to her!
However, Ava & Presley fell in LOVE with MD and she took right to the role of being the "cool older cousin" ~ she was SO sweet to them and even said she had fun with them! They are PRECIOUS girls! 
And of course Jackson has a good time wherever he goes...he really does! 
We had dinner at a place there then headed out Saturday morning to do some shopping in Helen before our lunch reservation. We found the cutest little local diner and had a GREAT breakfast! 
Someone ~ not sure who ~ decided that nobody would buy gifts this year because:
1, It's too stressful
2. Nobody needs anything.
3. We can save money and just enjoy being together.
Let's just say Daddy Disney AKA Dalton would have NO PART of that! He things EVERY child needs a toy at Christmas ~ so we made a pit stop at Walmart and bought 2 toys each for the 12 kids ~
They LOVED them!
It gave them something to open and to do since it was raining!
Well played Big D! :) 
And we fell in love with little Miss Ellie ~ this little nugget has the BEST personality!!! She ADORED Jax! She called him nonstop! She is 22 months and all I could think was I had that...plus a 5 month old....
We visited for a little while then loaded up and headed home to go to a Christmas party! 
It was a short trip,but I am glad we went and my kids got to experience it! 

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