Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gingerbread Houses 101

We got back from Helen Saturday night, went to party, slept, went to church...
I surprised the boys with tickets to see Star Wars and Mary Dalton & I went to a Christmas Tea ~
It was 78 and it felt GREAT!!! 
Sunday night, we had our annual gingerbread house making party ~ this is not a contest because they ALWAYS look like crap...but the kids love doing it.
$10 for 2 hours of keeping them BOTH entertained...yes mam...
sign me up.

And this sweet doll ~
Oh....he is our HEARTS!!!!
He was just hoping someone would drop a crumb! 
Mary Dalton is all done! 
And....Jax was over it and decided to play with Bo! ;) 
His houses...
It was a huge, messy night...but they had fun and we marked that off of the annual bucket list! :) 

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