Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Meet Baby Bo ~

Meet our new baby ~ 
He came to join our family on Saturday and we are SMITTEN with this little guy!! 
It's so strange how different dogs have different personalities! 
Bo is SO calm and loving...he follows us everywhere we go...
Even Mary Dalton loves him ~ he sleeps with her until I about 11:30 then I go get him and put him in his crate! 
We let bo meet Daisy and Daisy is a bit wild...Bo wasn't so sure about her, but I am sure that they will be BIG buddies when he is bigger! :) We plan to breed them and let the kids be "in charge" for money! We'll see how that goes.... 
He LOVES to sleep with you! 

We are obsessed with this little peanut. 

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