Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend at the Cabin ~

We had such a relaxing weekend! Much needed, too!
Friday night ~ the boys were in the mountains at a hunting show...
MD and I ran to Augusta to pick up a birthday gift, then came home to cook Hello Fresh.
We were in bed (and she was alseep by 8:30) ~ 
It was perfect! 
We were up EARLY Saturday morning for dance! 
We came back home to get Bo and head to the cabin! 
The weather was in the 70's and we LOVED it! After church, we went back to the cabin for some fun! 
We explored parts I have never seen before! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! 
Small waterfalls, springs, and temps in the 70's ~ 
Bo was a trooper ~ he had the best time! He is still a little hesitant around the water, so we can't wait to get him in the pool this summer! 
We looked at tons of tracks, looked for arrowheads and other cool rocks ~ 
They REALLY wanted to cross the creek on this took team work to say the least! 
We also stumbled across an old moonshine barrel...
Very cool! 
They are DYING to go back and picnic here! It really is beautiful!!! 
We were glad Dalton went with us! He was able to help point out lots to us ~ and remove briers from face! ouch!!! 
This nugget was WORN OUT!!! He slept like a rock after we got home! 
Love him so ~ 
It was a super fun, low key weekend...
I know that in a few years (maybe even sooner) that they won't want to hang out with us so we are enjoying every chance we have them! 

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