Monday, May 8, 2017

Beauty Pageant

Mary Dalton was in our school pageant last week! She has wanted to do this FOREVER and I have always told her that when she was in middle school she could do it ~ and I hope she NEVER does it STRESSED me out! She was even nervous...and she NEVER gets nervous!
My sweet students, Graci Rae and Livi, took her under their wing and helped her out! 
She even borrowed Graci Rae's dress  ~

And I know I am partial ~ but she was stunning. 

She loved every aspect of the whole day and had the BEST time getting all dressed up. 
There were 7 in her group and she was named 1st runner, her best friend was named 2nd runner up, and other friend, Maggie, won...and Whitney crowned...
6th grade girls RACKED up for sure...
I admired her confidence to do this, but I am most proud that 99% of the time she ACTS pretty...

Dalton with this favorite 3 people ~ :) 

Jackson used this opportunity to get some pics with his favorite high school ladies ~ 
First up ~ 
Then ~ 
Graci Rae who was crowned Miss TJA 
All in all, it was not a horrible experience...she is already planning to participate again next year...
I may bribe her with a REALLY good trip to avoid it though! :) 

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