Monday, July 24, 2017

Girls Weekend/Boys Weekend

This past weekend the boys went to Birmingham for a hunting show, and Mary Dalton👯❤️ and I hung out at home and had a girls weekend! We did some last-minute school shopping, had sushi, got pedicures, and that one of her friends for a movie! I love this precious time with my girl who is growing up way too fast! 

The boys left Friday morning and stayed in Birmingham for the weekend. This is their third year going to the show and they enjoy it so much. There are celebrities there each year and Jackson met a moonshiner this year. ;)

I love that these two have one on one time together as well. They have a good time when they are together and they both love hunting and fishing so much! 
They eat at a local barbecue place each year. Dalton sent me this picture and I could not believe how big Jackson looks! He is growing up so fast and getting to be so big! Mary Dalton is officially taller than me now and I know it will not be long until Jackson is too! 
Saturday morning Mary Dalton and I went to a little boutique in Swainsboro that was having an open house. We came home and enjoy the pool and spending time with each other! We then went out to dinner with Sooz. We also talked about her 13th birthday that is coming up next month! How can my baby be 13?!?! She's going to have a party with her friends and then a family party separately. It's no longer called to have grown ups at your party when you're 13!!! ;) 

We enjoyed our dinner with Sooz. Mary Dalton had been wanting to try this particular restaurant and have their charcuterie plate so this was a big treat for her! 

One of our friends calls this grown-up lunchables! Ha!!  We love charcuterie!!!
Mary Dalton 💄💄🎀👯👠 was not excited to be headed home at 9 PM on a Saturday night. So we had an impromptu sleepover with two of her  good friends. I literally went to bed and never heard from them! They were good as gold!!!

of course they had to work on their tans on Sunday! They had a fun time laying out and playing in the pool.
I've said it before but I will say it again I am so thankful for Mary Dalton Sweet girlfriends in her life. We missed Marti Ann but these girls are making some sweet sweet memories!!

The boys got home late Sunday afternoon and Jackson immediately wanted to go to the farm to try out his fishing bait! As you can see he was very successful! There is a fish fry in our near future.

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