Sunday, July 2, 2017

So Long June...Hello July!

As always summer is flying by!!! 
June was a pretty low key month for us for sure! 
We wrapped up the month celebrating Whitneys 12th birthday! All 4 of us adore that girl! She had a makeover party at Bare Minersls! The girls loved it!!! 

She stayed with us the night of her birthday and we went to eat at McKinneys. These 3 were cracking themselves up at supper! 
The last week was spent taking care of appointments and swimming! We did manage some cabin time were Dalton taught the girls how to slow dance so they'd be ready for 4h camp! 
WS got Jackson to dance and his cheeks were SO red! They were precious!!! 
We ended June with a firework show, homemade ice cream, and swimming in between the rain/storms!!! 

The kids are headed to 4h camp this week! It's a new camp with bath houses and no AC...bless them. They're super excited because their friends are going! 
I've got some house projects I want to get done so when they get back we can enjoy our last three weeks of summer!

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