Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paris Part II

When we were in Paris, it was of course an ALL time cold!!!
We bundled up everyday and set right on out to explore!

Mary Dalton loved having all 3 of us to herself! ;)

The Louvre was AMAZING!!! I could have spent DAYS there and still not seen it all!
We had to hunt down the Mona Lisa! It was much smaller than I imagined  ~
MDD said "She's not even pretty!"
the art was AMAZING!!! The colors and sculptures were breathtaking!
Mary Dalton LOVED eating LOTS of desserts! :)

Notre Dame was my FAVORITE!!! It was STUNNING!!! I have never seen anything so massive and beautiful! I would love  to spend hours in there...alone. Just to take it all in! 

Can you imagine going to church here?!?! 

We did a double decker bus tour and it was the high light of Mary Dalton's trip!
She LOVED this!!! she said she felt famous! ;) 

We also did a boat tour ~ it was enclosed so it was WARM! So much fun!!!!

Of all the places to eat, Mary Dalton wanted McDonalds!!! 
In true Mary Dalton fashion, MDD had a meltdown when it was the last night! She HATES for a good time to end! She was SO sad because we had had such a fun time and we had to leave...yet at the same time...she wanted to go see her Daddy!
it's tough to be 8!

This cathedral was bulit int he 1600's! It was across the street from our apartment....what a VIEW!!! 

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