Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lots of Randomness ~

I just realized I uploaded these pictures from January ~ and they have been sitting there since! Welcome to my life! :\
After church trip to Augusta with my girl! We had a late lunch and did some shopping! Best days! :)
Speaking of best days ~
These boys of mine are now in mourning since there is nothing in season to hunt!! Jax has a few weeks left on trapping..but they can't wait for turkey season!
Jackson had a GREAT deer season and hunted every chance he got!
While the boys were hunting, Mary Dalton and I went to Athens with Sooz for the night. We had delicious food and it was soooo nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle for a night!
the food was EXCELLENT!!!

We had a great time for sure!

Basketball is over...MD went to her dance competition...we are only doing one because we have a wedding on the day of the, she is over dance. She is finishing up the year, but trying other things next year. We have a few "off" weeks before track starts and the kids get really busy with Lion King practices. We have another long weekend coming up and hopefully, Dalton and I are going to sneak away for some grown up time before life gets crazy busy again!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Puppies, Basketball & Cabin Time

We have SO enjoyed the slightly warmer days ~ These two babies are growing up so fast! Bo is leaving soon for training! He will do so good ~ he loves a bird! ;)
While the boys are at the cabin I have lots of time with my girl ~ Love spending time with her! She is growing up so fast! Literally changing every day! 
I have enjoyed being the chauffeur for these dolls during basketball season.  The days are long but the years are short ~ soooo true! This year is FLYING by! 
Mary Dalton has enjoyed basketball! I think she will play again next year, but not in high school. She loves being with her friends. 

Most of all, she loves GOING to the games! This girls hates to be stuck at home! Last week, we went to Statesboro and Anna Grace came and met us after the game. 

These two LOVE Statesboro! I am hoping ther room together one day! ;) 
We also enjoyed some time at the cabin and celebrated Dalton's birthday!
42 years young for sure! He is so much fun and makes life a blast!:) 

Our last game was Tuesday! MD has dance competition this weekend and then we are SCHEDULE free for a few weeks! So excited!!! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jackson’s Birthday Celebration

Better late than never...once again! I may never get caught up but I could not resist posting about Jackson's 12th birthday! :) 
He actually skipped school on his birthday and one of my students took him to lunch ~ 
He had ALWAYS loved a lady...lord help us. 
After we got home, we gave him a new rod and reel and a few other hunting things! 
He was PUMPED! 
He also got a wallet and the BIG gift was a trip to TEXAS in March with his Daddy!!! He is SO excited!!! 
He picked to go eat crab legs! Yum!! 
We went home and had cake to finish out our night!
He had a friend come over on Saturday and they trapped all day ~ A perfect day for my favorite boy!!! 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Three Things ~

We have been running around like CRAZY here! Thought I would do a quick catch up! Here are 3 things we have been up to!

Mary Dalton ~ 
1. She is finishing up basketball! She has really enjoyed it, too!
2. She is getting ready for dance competition, but is ready to be DONE with dance! That stage has passed and she has very little interest in it. We are finishing the year up and then hanging up the dancing shoes! 
3. She is ROCKING her math class right now! I am SO proud of her! I am not "math minded" and she is doing AWESOME!!! Go MDD!! 
Jackson ~ 
1. He is still trapping every chance he gets! He has an IG account, with followers and sponsors! SERIOUSLY.
\He talked one out of a free shirt! ha!
2. He is playing Scar in The Lion King at school! He really wanted that part so he is excited!
3. He is learning to play the recorder in his language arts class so there is a LOT of squeaking at our house! 
Amber ~ 
1. I am so glad January is over! That was the LONGEST month EVER!!!
2. Looking so forward to longer days and warmer weather!
3. I can ALMOST see the end in sight of all the "seasons" of ball and can't wait to be home more! 

Dalton  ~
1. His 42nd bday is this weekend!!! I can't wait to celebrate him! He is my fav! :)
2. We are so thankful his law practice is thriving but he is pulling some long hours and late nights! So thankful for his work ethic
3. He is getting ready to control burn the farm and start prepping for turkey season! It's his favorite time of year! 
We have a PACKED weekend, but it should be lots of fun! :) 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

He's 12....

How did 12 years go by sooooo fast?!?! Where did this bald baby go?!?! 
Jackson is the easiest child that has ever been conceived. 
He has been easy since he was born. 
He could have a limb hanging on by a ligament and say, "I'm good." 
Those are his famous words. ;) 
He has grown up SO much this past year. He is wise beyond his years, caring, hilarious, and has a quick sense of humor. He keeps us on our toes, but we would not have it any other way. 
He LOVES the farm. I mean ~ LOVES the farm. I did not think anyone could love the outdoors more than Dalton, but I think he takes the cake! He wants to be there 24/7. 
This past year has been a good one for my favorite boy.
He played Tom Sawyer in play, perfected the art of trapping, killed too many turkeys and deer to mention, and has made AMAZING grades. 
He still LOOOVVEESS to sleep! Naps are always a good idea for him! He also can still sleep anywhere! 
He's a perfectionist. He's precise. He's accurate. 
This in seen in almost everything he does. 
He's perfectly content having our alone or with his Daddy. He has lots of friends but is just fine being alone. He's an old soul. 
I always say he loves me when nobody else does. He looks out for his mama, but his best buddy is his daddy for sure. 
I still call him "the baby" and they SAY I baby him....he's just too sweet not to! ;)

Jackson David Dowdy...
You are absolutely the BEST surprise I was ever given.  You filled a void I didn't know I had. You completed our family and make our family so much fun. 
You will never understand how much I love you! I pray year12 is the best yet!!! 
Happy Birthday! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year's Fun!

Dalton & I had our annual oyster roast on 12/30! We had around 175-200 people attend and we blew through EIGHT bushels of oysters in less than an hour! We had PLENTY of other food and enjoyed the night SO much!!! 
A few of friends stayed late and we enjoyed that time so much!!! 
Even some of my sweet students came! ;) 
New Year's Eve I took these 3 ice skating!!! 
It was SOOOOO cold, but they had a blast! 
MD went home with Maggie and we went to BED! We were so tired after our party and just going nonstop during the break! It was a perfect way to start our 2018! :) 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dallas Texas Trip!

Last week, we headed out for a long weekend in Dallas, Texas! 
We went to school on Wednesday and then headed to ATL around 4 to catch our flight at 9! 

The boys went to a safari show  and the girls went to The Galleria! Talk about some GREAT shopping!!! The mall was amazing!!! 
That night, we had reservations at YO Steakhouse ~ We saw this on TV and were dying to go try it!
It was good ~ but honestly Big D's steaks are better! 
However ~ this deer tenderloin was BEYOND delicious!!! 

After we went to eat, the kids hit the pool! They were SO loud ~ I literally took this picture and went back to the room to read my book!
Friday, MD and I went to The Zodiak to have lunch! It is inside the original Neiman Marcus, so we enjoyed looking around, too! The lunch was a tad "stuffy" but we LOVED it!! It was an experience for sure! :) 
After we ate, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Jackson was with Dalton and he got an Uber for him to come meet us at the aquarium. Bless the Uber driver ~ he dropped him off at the wrong enterance and there was a 10 minutre time span where I did not know where he was! He "dropped me a pin" and it showed he was a mile away! Long story short ~ he asked a worker to walk him to the gift shop where we were waiting on him! He never got worried ~ he handled it like a pro! :) 
The aquarium was not too crowded and was laid out very well! We saw some cool things and really enjoyed our time there! 
After we got back to the hotel, we rested for a little while, then Mary Dalton and I went to the CUTEST spa that was on our street for pedicures! 

LOVE spending time with my girl! 
We met back up with the boys and headed to Pecan Lodge ~ A well known, famous Texas BBQ place! The line can be 2-3 hours to get in, but we wanted to try it!! 
Thankfully, we only waited about 30 mins to order ~ by the time we ordered, the line was out the door and down the street!! We knew we would love it when we saw "Big D!" ha! 
It was WELL worth the wait!!! The food was amazing!!! Probably ranks higher than Southern Soul in St Simons, which has been my favorite for years!  
We made it back to the room and started to pack up some ~ we noticed Mary Dalton's suitcase had bit the dust!!! Fear not!! Big D has sewing skills, too!!! 

Saturday morning, we had tickets to go to the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.
We could not take pictures on the 6th floor, but this museum was awesome! We all enjoyed it so much! It's a tour with a headset and you learn about JKF from birth to even after his assassination. This was my favorite part of the whole trip...and the BBQ! ;) 

This is the actual flag that was flying in Dallas the day he was killed. 
You can't really see it good, but there are two huge X's on the ground ~ The 1st is where the first shot him, and the second is where he was killed. While we were outside, we started talking to an older black man. He was a child the day it happened and was there! He had pictures from all sorts of magazines, newspapers,etc. where he was photographed in the background. He was SO nice and shared so much information with us! My kids REALLY thought that this was cool! 
Below Jackson is the "Grassy Knoll" where people believe the first shot was fired. 
After our tour, we went to Wild Bill's for some shopping and souvenirs then back to YO Steakhouse for lunch! We grabbed an Uber and headed the airport. We were 3 hours early, so we enjoyed drinks and ice cream while we talked about our fun trip! 

Loaded up and ready to come back to GA!
On the way home, I looked over at MD and couldn't help but cry. We had such a fun trip. They are growing up SOOOO fast and I want to remember every little detail and not miss out on anything! 

It was definitely one of my favorite trips so far! 

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