Sunday, June 17, 2018

Day 6 Glacier Bay!

Ahhhh…..recapping is taking awhile!!! 
Here we go with Day 6 ~ 
Glacier Bay. 

The water was SO CALM and I was SO THANKFUL!!!
 All the white things are icebergs! The views were just beautiful!! We saw orcas and killer whales, too!  
We were SO close!!! Glacier Bay did not disappoint!

We had the whole day on the boat, so I made a massage appointment since I was feeling better and had my "sea legs" as Dalton called it! ;) The views from the spa were so clear!!! I hung out there for a couple of hours just enjoying the views!!! 
We were able to see a glacier was HUGE!!! So cool to see it hitting the water!!! 
Our cute visitor came and had lunch on our balcony! 
Big Daddy came with the camcorder! ha! 
The kids enjoyed the hot tub and the views from the deck! 
Just beautiful!!! 
We finished up with the bay tour around 1:30 and we grabbed lunch then bought tickets to play Deal or No Deal. We didn't win but we had a blast! 
What we did win was a TON of air hockey! Our family played this game every chance we got!!! Jackson was for the sure he champ!!! He beat us all! 
Drinking Shirley Temples waiting on our dinner reservation! 
We found a spot and played Left, Right, Center before our reservation. 
We went to dinner...and this is the last picture.
Mary Dalton had a seat where she could see the waves and started feeling queasy.
I was RIGHT behind her.
And Amos was behind me.
The others said the meal was great....
I will take their word for it. 
Bless it.
I was on the sofa bed and she went out to get fresh air and got sick. It was SOOOOO cold but this was the only thing that made either of us feel better. I gave her some meds and knocked her OUT!!

Thursday started out great, but by 8:30 that night we ere down for the count!!! 

Alaskan Cruise Day favorite day!!! Skagway!

Wednesday morning was by far my favorite day!!! Skagway was STUNNING!!! We did not have any excursions planned so we headed out to explore the town. We figured out fast that all the towns are VERY similar ~ same stores, same we sort of made our way past the tourist and into the town.
One quick picture before we start our day ~
I am WELL on the way to being the shortest person in our house! 

Leave it to my two kids to come to Alaska and want a snowcone! 
We also tried fried bread which is a specialty in Skagway! It's basically like a fried doughnut with cinnamon and sugar...served HOT! 
Our favorite thing in every city was just walking around and looking...we took several trails and hiked...we ran into all sorts of cool things. This old train provided Jackson with a good 30 minutes of entertainment!

So pretty!!! Everywhere you looked the views were breathtaking! 
We raced on these tracks...see...we can easily entertain ourselves! I was so thankful to be on land that I wanted to WALK everywhere! ;) 

As crazy as this sounds, there was an old brothel and we bought tickets to tour. It was actually REALLY informative and cool! We learned about the history of Skagway during the gold rush. 
You could also eat there ~ but they were PACKED. The brothel is still pretty popular obviously! 

We found a spot to grab lunch before heading out to see more of the town. 

This kid had a BLAST on this trip!!! He never got sea sick, he never complained and he was WIDE OPEN the whole time! 
We hiked up a beautiful trail~ It was a good little hike, but the views were sooooo worth it! These pictures do not do justice for what we saw! The kids were actually getting along (WHAT?!?!) and had the best time just climbing and throwing rocks. 
Absolutely beautiful views!!!! We found a spot on a rock and sat there for probably 45 mins just looking and taking it all in! 
We headed back to the boat after a BUSY and fun day in Skagway and headed to supper with our family. Sweet Razz hung out with us for awhile! 
I call this "The land of YES" ~ we pretty much say YES to every request! ;) 

After supper, we all went bowling! We had a blast! Jackson won on the last frame! 

Jackson was tired and headed to bed, but we headed to karaoke! Mary Dalton and I WON and got a "ticket" to the final! It was SUCH a fun night and definitely my favorite day on the whole cruise!! ! 

We went dancing after karaoke and crashed WAY past our bedtime! Super fun ending to an awesome day! 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Alaskan Cruise Days 4-5

I left last off I was feeling a "tad sick" ~ this was my seat until 3:30 a.m. then I was RIGHT back out here as soon as I woke up and stayed here ALL day Monday!!! The air made it bearable! 
I took this selfie to remind myself to NEVER GO ON A CRUISE AGAIN WITHOUT A RX PATCH!!!! I was GREEN!!! Dalton kept telling me I would "get my sea legs" ~ I never did. I love the beach...but I need my feet on land! 

Barf bags, water and Dramamine were my friends...poor MD started feeling queasy Monday, too. She held it together until Monday night and we were both laid up like old dogs! 
Needless to say, when we docked Tuesday ~ we were sooooo excited!! Dalton loved looking for wild game off the balcony! 
Love this my hat that he borrowed! ;) 
While we waited to get off the boat ~ we headed for air hockey...which was our favorite was to pass time! 
Some of our group ~ 
Sooz and MDD waiting to go explore Juneau. 
I was so thankful to be UP and fell halfway normal!!! Razz was eating up some ice cream cones ~ but not as many as Jackson ~ he ate the ENTIRE TRIP!!! 
Juneau was beautiful!!! 
Those white specks are Bald Eagles ~ while I was on the balcony for 24 plus hours...we also saw Orcas GALORE and killer whales~ one jumped ALL the way out of the water! It was awesome! 

We got off the ship EARLY Tuesday morning and had the whole day to explore! Our fun day will be in PART 2 of Day 5 ~ there are too many beautiful things not to share! :) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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