Sunday, April 15, 2018

Prom 2018 ~ A Night in Paris

This past Friday night was our school's prom ~ and you can see...Jackson was living his BEST life! ;) He has ALWAYS loved a pretty lady!

The Junior class did an outstanding job on the decorations! I have never seen another school do prom quite like we do. They totally build the entire thing in the gym over a two week period. Every year it gets bigger...and bigger.
These girls can not WAIT to go to Prom! We have AT LEAST two more years! 
Thank you Jesus!
Jake and Jackson ~ oh my children are going to miss this one when he graduates!!!
Graci Rae always has the prettiest and most unique dresses! This year's dress was beautiful and I LOVED the red shoes!

Dalton and I chaperoned and those days are coming to an end! We won't chaperone once our kids are attending prom ~ we would not want to cramp their style! ha!
We have chaperoned the past 3 years with Jackson's precious previous teacher, Jessica and her husband, Drew. We missed out on the photo booth last year because we had to help with the this year...we were ON IT!!!
and....had a few out takes, too!
I grabbed most of my homeroom class and we SQUEEZED in for a group picture! I LOVE this kids so much and I am so proud of them! I am going to miss them so much when they are gone!
We have about 20 days of school left ~ we are in FULL speed ahead this week! We have an ortho appt, a beauty pageant, honor's day, I have to work the baseball gate, a hair appt, a spray tan appt, and need to squeeze in a pedicure, too!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Girls Week at Home Spring Break

 Since we JUST got back from NYC we decided to stay home while the boys were in Texas! Tuesday night before they left, we went to Rock Fore Dough ~ a fundraiser concert in Columbia County. We had a BLAST! 
 I am pretty sure that will become a tradition!
We saw sweet Rae Ann! She was so excited to see Jackson ~ she has always loved him! ;)
The weather was PERFECT!!!!
We spent the beginning of the week by the pool enjoying the warm temps! Wednesday, the boys left and Whitney came to see us! We went shopping, had lunch and she spent the night.
These two girls have the sweetest friendship. I love them so!
Thursday, we did some house stuff then went to Elements with Sooz for supper. It was a delicious meal and a fun outing!
Friday we went back to Augusta to shop for bathing suits and get make up. MD also scored a pair of new Ray Bans thanks to her Dadddy! ;) 
We came home and rode the golf cart and listened to music until the sun set. 
GREAT day!
Saturday we had MAJOR storms here! We went to some boutiques with Sooz and had lunch then came home and CRASHED!!! I did not sleep all week with Dalton being gone and I was worn out! 
We ended our spring break with ANOTHER quick house clean up, laundry and a trip to the movie! Our boys came home LATE Sunday night and I was SO glad to have everyone under one roof again!
It was a super fun break and the count down to summer is officially on!!!

501 Ranch Spring Break Trip

The boys left last Wednesday for a hunting trip to Texas! This was Jackson's first trip with the "men" so he was super excited!!! 
They stayed in San Antonio the first night and enjoyed that area!
The service was sketchy but I a few texts updates from them!
Loved seeing them do what they both love to do!
Dalton got his bird on Saturday morning ~ the limit was two.
THANKFULLY Jackson got his on Sunday!!! Dalton also snagged another one!
Jax also killed a javalina. I am BEYOND thankful he's not mounting that thing! yuck!
It was a super successful trip and I can't wait for them to get home tonight so I can hear all about it!!! 
Memories of a lifetime for sure! :)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays!!! My kids were not super pumped about dying eggs, but as long as I am alive ~ we are dying eggs! :)
These turned out so pretty!!!
Once they realized I was letting up ~ they had fun! ;) 

Big D was the supervisor! :) 
We always have a egg fight afterwards...
This year, we played egg toss to get rid of them ~ all 4 of us played and we had a ball! Who knew 2 dozen eggs could be so fun!?!? 
Sunday morning, I had the nursery, but Chance was at church! LOVE this sweet baby boy!!! 
After church, we went to the cabin to have lunch and took our annual Easter pictures! ;) 
This crew God blessed me with can drive me to the BRINK of insanity, but I can't imagine doing life with anyone else! They are my whole world. 
And seriously ~ I miss smocked dresses and hair bows....ughhhhh....
she looks so OLD ~ but she is SUPER fun and we have a great time together! :) 

We ended the day with naps in the hammock and then homemade ice cream ~ perfect Easter Sunday! 

New York & DC Trip!

Last Saturday ~ Mary Dalton and I left EARLY to head to Washington DC and NYC with my Juniors and Seniors! This trip had been planned about 18 months and I realized that MD could easily room with I signed her up to tag along! 
First off ~ my students are SO SWEET to her. Secondly, she is SUPER mature, so she fit in without any issues! She rode with Gracie Rae the whole way there and back. 
We got to DC and it was SOOOOO cold ~ we saw a few monuments Saturday night. 
The girls got a peddle cab through DC ~ they LOVED that!!! 
They ate from more food trucks than restaurants on this trip ~ and loved every one of them! 
They were supposed to be in their rooms by 11 ~ but somehow they talked me into WALKING in the FREEZING cold to go get doughnuts ~ it's all about making memories, right!?! ;) 
We arrived in NYC Monday and went to Grand Central Station ~ I hope that was my first and last trip there. It was packed. It was gross. There were homeless people everywhere. There was puke. See....never. again. Anyway ~ The girls ate fries and a cupcake while I held my breath and counted until we could leave! 
When in NYC ~ you HAVE to get SOMETHING from Tiffany!?!?! The last time we were in NYC, Mary Dalton was 8 so it was American Girl stuff ~ this time I wanted her to get something to remember her trip, so she picked out a beautiful bracelet! 
That night, we went to see Jersey Boys. Several of my students were not thrilled about this, but Warthen and I had front row seats and we LOVED it!!! The show was WONDERFUL and I enjoyed because this kid beside me LOVES life. He was so excited about our trip and was so thankful for the opportunity  ~made the work of the trip worth it! 

I was worried MD would get tired or not be able to "hang" but honestly she did better than some of my students! This girl was a TROOPER!!! 

Jake was her very own personal body guard ~ he kept a close eye on her and Graci! We enjoyed watching the ice skaters and then headed to China Town. Mary Dalton had a BLAST there! It was so hectic, I did not get any pictures, but she learned to wheel and deal FAST!!!

Our last night in NYC ~ we took most of the group back to the room and we headed out for a night of fun~ We walked Times Square over and over just taking it all in!

And ate more hotdogs!!!

The following day we saw The Statue of Liberty and Wall Street. We also toured the 9/11 museum. That was probably the most memorable thing from the trip! I want to go back and really have a full day to spend there. It was so moving. Well worth the trip just for that.

It was a JAM packed 5 days and A LOT of bus riding ~ but we had a blast and I am sure will be doing it again in a few years! 

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