Monday, August 13, 2018

Back to School 2018

Well ~ It's that time again!!! These not so little babies are back at school!!! 
This was K3 and K4 ~ seems like yesterday!!! 
This was last year ~ 
7th adn 6th grade....
And a look past ALLLLL the years!!! Gosh they go by SO fast!!! 
We did our yearly picture by the gate...even though they weren't excited about it! ;) 
Praying for a GREAT year for these two!!! 
It's Mary Dalton's last year of middle school! 
They both have all new teachers so we are excited about new things!!! 
We had a lot going on before school ~ then a death in our family ~ so our normal activities did not occur! MD's backpack was not even in!!! No breakfast or lots of pictures...
This was as good as it was...

We are on day 3 and starting our first full week ~ 
Everyone is SLOWLY adjusting back to practices and homework schedules.

Monday, August 6, 2018

That’s a Wrap....See ya Summer

Well ~ That's a wrap! My official first day back is tomorrow, but Dalton's Granny Jo passed away, so we will be out of town. 

Here's a quick peek at our last few weeks of summer 2018 ~

Fishing...LOTS of fishing and then fish fries!!! Yes mam!! 
Lots of loving on our sweet pups!!! Bo is at training and Daisy misses him so does Jackson! 
This was also the summer of skin care! ha! I had Botox earlier this summer  ~after YEARS of tanning bed use my wrinkles HAD to go!!! While I was there, he noticed several spots that had to be removed...I looked like a meth user, but I am all clear now!!! 
Swim days will ALWAYS be my favorite days!!! 
I actually kept a 100 day streak on SnapChat with MD ~ This was a HUGE accomplishment for me! ha! 
We squeezed in a few family night dinners out ~ We used to leave the kids when they were little...but now they weasel their way right in with us! ;) 
We are in FULL practice mode...all the cheer and football going on right now...
We enjoyed late night snacks made by Jackson...and he served me in bed! He's going to be a GREAT husband one day!!! 
My favorite thing hands down is our nightly golf cart rides looking at the pretty!!! 
We even scout for deer! ;) 
I love being home and having some downtime to spend with this handsome man. Ohhhhh how I miss him when I go back to work. 
Summer 2018 ~ you were good to us! Summer 2019...we are already waiting on you! :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Meet Drake David Dowdy ~ 3D

Let's hope "Two's Company and Three's a Crowd" isn't true...we have added another baby to the puppy mix!!!
We are in LOVE with this little guy!! He has by far been the easiest of the 4 dogs we have ever had.
He has been with us a a week and has REALLY adjusted great!!! We are all smitten with him! 
He can sit, potty outside 85% of the time, rarely barks or whines...thank you Lord!!! :)
We are so excited to have him in our family! 

Sweet Razz

We were so lucky to snag this cutie for few days this summer!!! Ohhhhh how we adore this little doll! She spent two nights with us and would come get in our bed every morning as son as she woke up to watch cartoons!
We swam, read books, played games, and watched Little Mermaid movies ~ pretty much anything she wanted...we did! :)
We even had ANOTHER birthday party for her since Big Daddy and Dalton could not make her real party!!! I think she liked the cupcakes! 
She REALLY wanted a bow and arrow~ Big D was thrilled to deliver!!! ha! 
He was giving her lessons and it was not going well ~ she was getting TICKED she could not do it!!!Later that night, she FINALLY got the hang of it and was doing a great job!!! 
We enjoyed having a little girl so much!!! We were all so sad to see her go!! She starts school this year, so our visits won't be as often! We are already counting down to seeing her again!!! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Natchez & New Orleans ~

We just got back from our summer trip to Natchez ~ combined with a vacation to New Orleans! 
The kids and I left on Monday and went to Jackson to see my brother and his family ~ our plan was to cook out and enjoy his new pool but it FLOODED ~ we opted for carry out and enjoyed catching up!

Tuesday, we were supposed to meet my mom at my great aunt's to enjoy a day and picnic at the creek, but the rain shut that down, too! We did get to see my precious Aunt Winnie and eat a DELICIOUS lunch she made!!! 
We made our way to Natchez and went to a few of our favorite stores! We were able to swim with the Rabbs and enjoyed snowcones on the bluff...we were so thankful the rain stopped!!! 
Wednesday, we did some shopping, had lunch and hung out ~ We left Thursday to head to New Orleans!!! The kids were excited but we had a HUGE surprise for them!!! 
We went to the airport to pick up Dalton & the surprise!!! 
Whitney flew with Dalton to join our fun!!! Both of my kids adore her, so we were pumped she was with us!!! MD was SOOOOO surprised that she cried!!! WS did not know she was coming until the night before, she cried, too when her mom told her!!! :) 
Arriving at the hotel ~ 
We went to Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse Thursday night ~ Jackson went out on a limb and tried turtle soup...he was not a fan!!! ;) The steak was delicious though!
My favorite people ~ 

Friday morning, we headed to CafĂ© Dumond and then to the Riverwalk area ~ 

We did an awesome carriage ride and enjoyed the city! The boys left to go to a hunting show, the girls showered and we went shopping! 
Gearing up for hunting season!!! 
It was SOOOOOOO hot!!! We got a pedal cab to haul us to the mall! 
Friday night, one of my childhood friends came to our hotel to catch up with us. I LOVED seeing him!!! 
Saturday, Dalton went to the WWII museum and we headed out for a swamp tour on an airboat! We saw tons of gators and lost 10 lbs by sweating...I swear I am almost died!!!!
K Paul's was Saturday night and it was our favorite!!! The Blackened Drum was spectacular!!! I would love to eat everything on the menu!!!
These girls ~ looking like they are 22!!! People were asking them into BARS and making comments...Let's just say Dalton's glare scared them off!!! YIKES!!! Scary how old they look!!!!
We had friends that were also in NOLA and meeting them on Bourbon Street made our trip!!!
We slept in on Sunday!!! Dalton & I went to brunch at Arnaud's and WOW was it good!!! The food in NOLA is just so darn good!!! After that, we loaded up and drove the LONG way back home!!! We home around midnight but we had a great trip for sure!!!

We can't wait to see what destination we will check out next!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

July Happenings ~

July has gotten off to a great start! We are still wide open, but enjoyed a quiet week at home this week! We LOVED having Elizabeth with us!! We miss her so much!!! 
I got to work in my room some and we painted the walls and added barn wood to the doors ~ 
I am going with a rustic theme ~ I am so excited to see it all come together and try something new! 
This is my favorite fixer upper so far!!! The wood made this soooo much prettier! 
This was on my time hop from 8 years ago ~ the day Whitney and Mary Dalton a cow trough. Still the sweetest of friends...
The 4th of July was spend at the cabin ~ we rented a slip and slide and had the best time!!! 
While I was cleaning out (one of my 500 projects) I came across a paci MD hid when she was 4!!!! Seriously ~ it's been hidden for almost 9 years!!! 
We went to the coast for Razz's 5th birthday!!! Sweet girl!!! Mary Dalton stayed for 10 days and kept her, then Jackson went and stayed for 4 to help out! They adore her!! 
Mary Dalton fell in LOVE with Fiona!!! She used to keep Razz and is now a country singer...maybe she will make it big one day!!! 
We had to make a quick trip to see Whitney before she left to see her daddy for a week! 
We also have been practicing MD's driving skills!! 
We have eaten soooo many good vegetables and fruits from this fruit stand! It's the honor system ~ another thing I love about our tiny town!!! 
The Palmers are headed our way this weekend and then to MS we go!!!! 
About a month left in our summer and we aren't slowing down yet!!! 

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