Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mud Bogging and Other Happenings...

So I wish I was kidding but I totally got stuck earlier this week!!! I'm OVER the rain people!!! Over. It. I was attempting to get Mary Dalton to dance (we were at the farm) and royally screwed up! Thankfully my manly man came to the rescue with a chain and a diesel truck!!! No more dirt roads for me!!
It's been a busy time...summer school takes me most of my day but I'ce got four days left and ALL if July off!!! I can't wait! The kids and I tried out a new yogurt place last week...felt like I was cheating on Tutti Fruitti but Yotopia was amazingly better!!!
We even squeezed in a mini portrait session!!! Can't wait to see the prints!
First time this summer we were able to meet Dalton for lunch! We usually eat together weekly so I was excited about this!
Jackson cooked that rabbit he killed...we all tasted it...he ATE it. Loved it. MDD not so much. She tried one bite and swallowed it like a pill so she didn't taste it! ;)
We went to church Sunday and enjoyed homemade Snickers ice cream for Father's Day! We spent a much needed afternoon at home in the pool enjoying and celebrating Dalton/Daddy!!!
Not to brag...but we've got the best daddy around...just saying!!! :)

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