Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Friday Facts...

Not linking up, but thought I'd play along since it's raining AGAIN and I have all sorts of randomness in my head...
1.) 3 weeks from today I have Open House. I LOVE my job and truly enjoy what I do, but I did not even get into a summer routine!!! Summer is too short ~ I want to go back AFTER Labor Day!!!
2.) Disciplining my children is so hard sometimes...I hate to be the villan but I am with them ALL day!!! One of them got in trouble tonight and Dalton was unaware of somethings that were said/happened with this child all week long. I try to correct, remind, etc. but a good old fashioned spanking is 99% what is takes. Breaks my heart. I hate to do it. But it works. And they need it. I would rather have my heart saddened now while they are little and know that they learned a valuable lesson, than my heart be broken when they are teens and I can't "get them back" ~ ~ ~ ~
3.) It is STILL raining in GA. That has me and the kids in the dumps!!! We have truly only swam a handful of times and FYI ~ a pool is EXPENSIVE to maintain!!! I feel like I have wasted a chunk of change for sure.
4.) Mary Dalton has dance nationals next week in Savannah. The 2 of us will be staying at Dalton's cousin's house (she's going to be out of town) while the boys stay behind. She LOVES dance so much and is super excited. I am excited about reading while she is in class all day.
5.) My mom and sister are coming one week from Sunday!!! THAT always makes everything seem better...even if it does rain! I have some new shops I want to take them to and can't wait to have time to visit with them!!

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